Looking on the Bright Side

Stop and Smell the Roses. Literally, stop and smell the roses. That is the message seventy-nine-year-old Doug Amon is trying to transmit to everyone who passes by his home. Doug sat down with two GSR X-Files investigators and explained how his “free to the public rose garden” all began. It started ten years ago, after Doug’s wife passed away. Doug wanted to select a special rose bush to put in his wife’s garden, and he did. Over the past ten years the planting of this one bush grew into a hobby, and Doug has planted over one hundred seventy-five varieties. He has four hundred rose bushes in his wife’s rose garden. There are rose bushes called Falling in Love, Perfect Moment, and Gift of Life, just to name a few. Doug says, since his retirement, the garden has naturally led from one project to another; including a Koi pond, and gazebos on his property. Doug does not seem to adhere to his own advice when it comes to stopping and smelling the roses. Approximately two thousand visitors a year stop to smell the roses. He says people come from all over, marriages are even held on his property, and several nursing homes and schools tour the rose garden as well. Everyone who visits receives a free calendar with pictures of his roses. Doug invites all visitors back at the end of the summer season to show his thankfulness and appreciation for their coming with a cookout as spectacular as the rose garden.   Stop by and see Doug Amon. He’s special and he’ll make you feel special, and it won’t cost you a thing.
On the corner of County Road O and Hazel Ridge Road, Delavan. (262) 728 2245.


What new ominous aircraft are awaiting your next trip?   Ever so slowly the airline industry isolates, divides and makes its flying public more miserable while extracting more fees. What’s coming? If you fly much you might have always appreciated that little adjustable vent located on the transom just above every passengers’ head on every plane. This little knob has always allowed individual passengers to adjust their own rate of cooling, or warming, whatever the situation required. That’s coming to an end. The airlines have all gotten together and decided that this method of personal temperature control is too expensive and too inefficient. Henceforth on all new passenger planes there will be no vents. The crew can much better determine the best temperature for you using one master adjustment located in some crew-only accessible part of the plane. Another little convenience always available on every airplane was the little movable shield for the window in each row. No more. Now the windows on all new planes will have mini-blinds built into each window operated by little electric motors. You probably already guessed that these blinds will also have only one master control in the same crew-only accessible area of the plane. When an airline executive was questioned about the window adjustment changes the executive commented that there really is no necessity or need for windows on airplanes anymore. Until Americans revolts and tosses some of these airlines right out its own cultural ‘window’ this kind of inhumane activity will go on. Or, and it seems strange to hope for this, maybe the Arab airlines will all arrive to force things back to some kind of reasonable comfort level using a very old fashioned device. Competition.


Start reading the Lake Geneva City Council information packets. Not exactly entertaining most of the time. But, if you want to see what’s going on around your lake and in Lake Geneva in particular, there is no better way to learn. The reading will include a whole lot of head scratching and maybe some hair pulling. Take a look at this new stuff the council is throwing together with respect to Draper’s carving up of residence, bathroom, parking ordinances to allow boarding houses to return to the city. The city council only gets this stuff to vote on. They don’t come up with junk like that. Attorney’s hired by developers write the stuff and then convince people like Small Ball Draper to sign off and slip it across city council desks. What does Draper get for a stunt like this latest attempt? “If you build it he will come,” is a line from a movie, but maybe the screenwriter had met Draper somewhere along the line before he wrote it.

Packet found here every week
City of Lake Geneva Meeting Packets

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Melinda Mitchell Ghostwriter

Melinda Mitchell has earned her nickname Ghost Girl. She has been hunting ghosts and experiencing the paranormal since she was four years old. She’s currently putting a book together on all the hauntings, sightings, and paranormal activity around Lake Geneva. If you have any stories she will be happy to investigate and use them in the book. Reach out to her on Facebook at; ghotsoflakegeneva.


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