Little  Gems

 Harley Davidson.
The slow roiling and seemingly never-ending death of the Harley Davidson culture is taking place in front of everyone’s eyes. And it is a shame. The Harley riders have done a whole load of good across the nation. Yes, the “notice me” and “look at me, I’m so tough” presentation of loud “potato” sound exhaust blasts can be at times obnoxious, but the Harley riders themselves are pretty great. Donald Trump is forcing the entire Harley culture to choose. Choose to support Harley Davidson (a company that decided to have some of the Harley bike parts for European models made in Europe to avoid the new tariffs) or choose to support Donald Trump. Donald is attacking Harley at every opportunity. The Harley riders are sort of split right down the middle. Indian motorcycles, made by a Minnesota company called Polaris, might be a solution for those Harley riders that want a bike supposedly made in America (less than 50% of Indians are made outside the U.S., but nobody knows how much less than 50% except the company and they are not talking). What’s going to happen? Wisconsin needs to stand firmly behind Harley.

Sunday Farmers Market

Sunday Farmers Market Lake Geneva

The Holy Communion Church is hosting a new Farmers Market on Sunday mornings on Geneva Street in Lake Geneva. If all goes well this small market will grow and continue every Sunday! God Willing!


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