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Why does the Geneva Shore Report not yet offer closed captioning and language translation with its videos?
First, the expense of providing those services is quite large, although the public remains unaware of this fact. Second, the turn-around time is long. Most services that do translations or closed captioning require 24 hours in order to process and then return the work. That’s too long a delay for news organizations to provide any kind of timely delivery. Third, these caption and translation service providers also require that they do their work from a written transcript, and not a video clip or shot. The time and trouble to make a transcript for any video presentation are too laborious to consider for any but the largest, best-funded production organizations.


The city council of Lake Geneva met on Monday night.
There is usually some sort of good humor to be pointed out in those meetings and this one was no exception. Doug Skates, alderperson, went on and on about how it was better to have the trick or treating on the actual night of Halloween instead of on the Sunday night preceding it. Several people got up to speak, previous to Mr. Skates lengthy sales job in trying to get his way. His talk was so lengthy and poorly delivered that Alderperson Halverson made a point to inquire of the council about whether it could limit Mr. Skates to five minutes like is done of citizens who get up to take the podium. Nothing was decided about that, except a lot of laughing, and Mr. Skates sales job fell on deaf voting ears because trick or treating will be on Sunday, as the citizens who had spoken earlier requested. Doug Skates also threatened to trick or treat every citizen’s home in Lake Geneva if the vote did not go along with what he wanted. He lost the vote so standby. That big hobgoblin out in the night will likely be Mr. Skates.

Persons of the Week

JP Doyle and Jack Kayser

JP Doyle & Jack Kayser are two boys from Kisses From Keegan and Friends. These boys are working hard to raise money to fight cancer. Their compassion, unselfishness, and willingness to help Keegan Denecke (who is in remission) and her cause, is so wonderful to see.

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