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Maxwell Street Days August 27th through the 30th.
Downtown Lake Geneva retail shops have had a rough go of things this year and this weekend’s long shopping event is their time to shine. Seasonal sales will line the sidewalks as well as other great sales indoors. This is a great weekend to get ready for, with the upcoming fall season just up ahead. Get a bit of retail therapy before the stress and uncertainty of “back to school,” or “not back to school” begins. Many of the local restaurants are participating, with some great menu options and the downtown hotels are offering some great weekend specials too.

The Freemason’s have been around for many centuries, and the organization is still a mystery to many.
The secret handshake, the happenings behind the brick lodge walls, and who and what the members are, and about, can only be pondered by outsiders. The men that make up the organization will tell you they are good men striving to be better men and help other men be better fathers, brothers, and sons.   Their track record is pretty good about coming through on that. Last week’s city council meeting included a second reading of the ordinance that would put an end to denying parking on the Masonic Lodges property and preventing two deserving Badger High School graduate’s scholarships for future education. The Masonic lodge has been parking vehicles on its property one day during the Venetian Fest for the last ten years. The money earned goes directly to these scholarships. Last year, the Masons were told to shut down the operation due to the lack of a proper parking lot on a hard surface.

This year the Covid-19 shut down Venetian Fest, affecting the ability of the Masons to provide scholarships once again. Spyro Condos, a Mason, and a well-known member of the Lake Geneva community, spoke about the situation and asked the council for an amendment that would allow the Masonic Lodge Parking to continue, and also allow the scholarship tradition to continue. The council listened and agreed to amend the ordinance. Parking will be allowed at the lodge with the proper permit now and on into the future.

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