The Bright Side

Over the last decade the City of Lake Geneva’s government, with the exception of two city officials, has gone through a complete change, with multiple mayors, a consistent turnover of city alderpersons, and the replacement of most department heads.
The two city officials who have remained constant are the City’s Attorney Dan Draper and the Chief of Police, Michael Rasmussen.  Both have remained as a stabilizing influence over that period, and have helped to give the City of Lake Geneva, stability through the many changes that have occurred.  This article is not meant to compare or contrast them but to point out the common characteristics that help give the city its stability. Both deal with the law or legal aspects of the law. The city attorney tries to guide the mayor and city council through the legal path they need to follow to accomplish objectives, whether everyone agrees with the objectives or not.  In other words, the city attorney, Dan Draper, keeps his political views to himself, as best he can, and helps the mayor and city council to legally accomplish these objectives. In a somewhat analogous manner, the city’s police chief, Michael Rasmussen, who is hired by and reports to the city council, keeps city politics out of the police department and has maintained the department’s calm autonomous operation even during difficult periods, like what the city is going through right now with the virus.

From the perspective of time, both have been islands of stability for the city and are to be thanked for their past and continuing service to the City of Lake Geneva.


A lot of Jeeps have begun to show up in town without doors.
The doors of Jeeps, for the most part, can be easily removed. What’s the danger? Any thrown rock from a passing truck or automobile. How about the fact that many of these people exercising “freedom” also don’t belt up? They are getting the full adventurer experience. If they fall out of the vehicle, because they are not belted in, and there’s an unexpected huge bump in the road during their turn, then they and the other passengers are toast. Put the damned doors back on the Jeeps. They are made to protect you, not to be a fashion statement.

Persons of the Week

Paradise Miniature Golf

Jonathan and Ursula Botsch is the wonderful couple that runs the family-owned Paradise Mini Golf course in Lake Geneva. Stop by and meet the one of a kind family at a one of a kind golf course.


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