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What the hell have they done to the drive-through behind Starbucks over there by Wal-Mart?
Have you tried to get a cup of coffee by using the new Starbucks drive-thru located over by Wal-Mart in Lake Geneva? Well, you may have an interesting experience there if you do. The line now extends behind three buildings, instead of through and behind a parking area. Once you get in the line you will wait until you get through, and that can be quite some time given the fact that manually making espresso and specialty drinks can take a barista five minutes for each customer. Six cars in line and you can easily wait for half an hour. Who’s got that kind of time, and there’s room for almost a dozen cars in that line? You don’t get to know how many cars are waiting either until you turn the corner at the back end of the lot, and then it’s too late to bail out. The only way to know in advance is to drive by on 120 and check to see how many cars are in that coffee tunnel by glancing west as you drive. Lousy plan, but then that entire coffee shop orientation is one of strange planning and even stranger implementation.


Emagine Theater to open August 28th.
Emagine Entertainment Theater is opening in six days! Tuesday, August 28th will be the grand opening and it is expected to be grand indeed. The opening event is all about showing off the luxury upgrades, state of the art movie technology, and entertainment. The grand opening includes food, drinks, live entertainment and, of course, a movie. The cost is fifty dollars and will benefit the Lakeland Animal Shelter, Love Inc., and Kisses from Keegan; three local nonprofits. If you want to be a part of the grand night, check out the movie listings and times on their website

Emagine Theater


Concert in the park.
Thursday is the last concert in Flat Iron Park for the 2018 summer season. Geoff Landon and the Wolfpack will be performing at 6 p.m. and will finish up around 8 p.m. Bring your chairs, blankets, snacks, and your friends and family. This is a great free event that you don’t want to miss.

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