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Maxwell Street Days!
This weekend it’s all about the downtown businesses of Lake Geneva. Maxwell Street Days, 2018 will begin Friday, August 24th, and runs through Sunday, August 26th. This wonderful event supports all of the small local downtown businesses that help make Lake Geneva great. You can look forward to one of the largest sidewalk sales of the year, as well as amazing deals and specials inside and outside the shops. Come out and join in the fun!

Come out and Join the Fun!

Maxwell Street Days Lake Geneva


Short-Term Hell.
Long-term renters are being asked to leave left and right all over the Lake Geneva area. Apartments are being converted to short-term summer rentals. The fees being collected are in the neighborhood of five-hundred-dollars a day for even the smallest place distant from the lake. Think about it. Twenty-five or thirty thousand dollars a year, even if the apartment stays empty during the winter, is a long way from the kind of money any landlord can make for a year-long rental. Nobody’s going to pay more than a grand a month for a two-bedroom apartment a couple of blocks from the lake. This is not good.

Piers vs. Buoys

View from shore of Lake Geneva

This is the view from lakeside when piers and slips are put in.


What’s quietly going on behind the scene with attempts to change the scene?
This article is about the view that local residents, citizens, and visitors get to take in during the summer when they look out and see the wonder of Lake Geneva from the shore. What is Doug “Skateboard” Skates up to now? Well, he’s behind a movement to change the view. He wants the buoys that dot the shoreline along the city area of Lake Geneva to be replaced with piers and slips. You know, you can see some of those white piers further to the west of the Riviera complex. They block the view of the lake from down near the water. The buoys do a little bit, but much less.

So, since the view is about the only thing affected, then what’s the rub? Other than the public losing the view, what would the people who have the buoys lose? Money, of course. A marine buoy costs about $760.00 to $1770.00 a season, depending upon the space needed around the buoy. Piers and slips go for between $1770.00 and $3800.00 a season. Do the math. The buoy people lose a lot of money while the city supposedly makes it while losing the great view. And then, there’s the cost of putting in the piers and taking them out. But that operation is mostly controlled and operated by a few friends of the people trying to make the decision to change what works. Mr. Skateboard, go find something that’s broken and fix that and leave the buoys alone.

The Business of the Week

Bergersen Boat Compnay

Bergersen Boat Company is stellar when it comes to the restoration and servicing of old wooden boats. Shepherd, Chris Craft, and Streblow are a few of the top-tier, classic boats this company has serviced, built and restored. They are coming to Lake Geneva and Lake Geneva will be the better for it.


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