Little Gems

Mike Montemayer went to a Brunk Industries party at the Geneva National.
The after party moved over to The Como Inn bar. Apparently, from sources within the Brunk organization, Mike was drinking heavily and the other people at the party asked him to go out for a walk and cool off. Mike did. Unfortunately, he chose to walk out over the newly frozen surface of Lake Como. The ice was estimated to be about two inches thick. How he made it out seven hundred yards offshore is surprising, as the Sheriff’s dive team tried walking out there in wetsuits from the shore, and only made it about twenty yards before going through. Mike was highly regarded at Brunk and by a lot of other people in the area. Mike was only forty-four years old and currently resided in Burlington.

City of Lake Geneva Street snow

The snow builds up and the Lake Geneva Street Department is charged with getting it scooped up and off the roads. It takes a while though. Apparently, for this least storm results, a good while.

The Lake Geneva winter pyramids.
The city of Lake Geneva plows the snow off the city streets, but not really. They plow it into the middle of the main streets. These piles form pyramidal structures that almost look like you can to drive right through them if you want to make a turn. For the most part, you can’t. The packed down snow near the base of the snow pyramids will ‘high center’ your car unless you are driving a heavy pickup truck, or a pretty big four-wheel-drive SUV. The city removes these structures, mostly at night when nobody is about. Following the snow, Monday was a tough travel day, because not only are these structures difficult to penetrate for vehicles, they can be impossible to cross for pedestrians. It is true that most pedestrian and cross streets are plowed, in order to allow people and vehicles to get where they need to go, but still. The city plowed on Monday night and everything is once again good for everyone…until the next heavy snow. Except they don’t. They waited until Tuesday morning because they are afraid of the dark.

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