It’s called the International Space Exploration Monument.
It is a little known fact that the Yerkes Observatory was the home of astrophysical calculations where the American effort to build a space program began. This fact is well known to the leadership of NASA and consequently, when the idea of building a monument to that program was thought up Yerkes was included. The mockup for the monument was to be built at Yerkes back in 2012. The project was funded, but fell apart due to political difficulties among the leaders of NASA, Yerkes and the artist commissioned to build the sculpture. The project was never started other than for the building of a wax model from which the full size sculpture would be designed. Joseph Kinnebrew was the sculptor hired by NASA. Mr. Kinnebrew was kind enough to sell the wax model of the proposed monument to the Geneva Shore Report (photo in this issue). That model sits in the offices of the paper (located at 281 Sheridan Springs Road) and will be available for public viewing at the Christmas party open to the public on the 23rd of December at four p.m. It is the intent of the GSR staff to re-invigorate the idea of a space monument, and to have NASA reconsider building it on the grounds of the Yerkes Observatory. Neither NASA nor Yerkes has been consulted about restarting this project, but it is only a matter of time. And money.

Kinnebrew Sculpture Yerkes Observatory

The Kinnebrew sculpture for the International Space Monument recently purchased by the Geneva Shore Report, in the hopes of getting the full sized sculpture built one day at the Yerkes Observatory.


They blew in for Christmas from Iowa. Almost. An Iowa family, two young parents with five-year-old twins. There’s no way they are not racing back on the 24th to have Christmas at home, which happens to be in North Liberty, Iowa. What one of the parents had to say after reading an older issue of the Geneva Shore Report was instructive and interesting. Incidentally, the couple owns one of those condominiums up by the Grand Geneva. The man said: “you write about things being wrong with Lake Geneva, but we come here because Lake Geneva could not be more perfect than the way it’s been. It’s always been this way since we were kids ourselves.” That statement didn’t seem like a compliment when it was delivered directly to the GSR’s managing editor. It only came across as a compliment after some deep reflection. The man was correct in his analysis of Lake Geneva. The only part he really didn’t understand was why Lake Geneva remains the wonderful place it was when he was a kid. It’s that way because so many citizens work tirelessly to make certain it stays unpolluted, clean, pristine and beautiful. The Geneva Shore Report is one of the ‘citizens’ trying to contribute to the effort that so many other people are united in successfully attempting.

Aldi’s is coming to Lake Geneva.
The discount chain received permission from the planning commission on Monday night to move into the space being vacated by Office Max. Yes, Office Max is leaving and with them the FedEx hub they’ve maintained. Office Max is going to be missed. Staples in Delavan is the closest alternative for printer inks, paper supplies and such. Will Aldi’s be able to survive head to head across the street from Wal-Mart? Wal-Mart came to town years ago and ran the Sentry store out of town that was located where Aldi’s is going in. Maybe the tables are turned. Aldi’s is owned by the superb food store chain called Trader Joe’s.

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