It’s not cold and there’s no snow to shovel this Christmas Day. Whether that is bad news or good news comes down to opinion. Whether the unseasonably warm weather (record-breaking) is the result of global warming (dumbed down to climate change by deniers), or is due to quite normal fluctuations of planetary travel and solar system vagary is a matter of debate. That the planet is warming is no longer in doubt. Why it is warming remains a battleground that’s founded in economics much more than ideology or scientific results. It’s expensive to save the planet. It’s very expensive to stop global warming, and even more so to reverse it. Where is that expense going to be paid from? And there you have the conflict laid out for you.

It is much easier, if your business is a polluting business (or even one that’s not), or if you are financially successful enough to help pay the cost of instituting planetary change, to argue that global warming isn’t the fault of humanity’s rising development, but merely the result of what’s happening in the universe. The warming of the planet is coming home to Lake Geneva just like it is coming home to almost each and every point on the planet. The good news is that global warming can be halted, and the effects reversed. The bad news is that quite a few of the earth’s wealthiest humans would have to pony up and pay the lion’s share of the tab for such a result. So this article really is all about Christmas. It’s drawing from the great classic story of Scrooge, and the evolving change that comes about when he realizes that he does not want to finish his life as a wealthy, bitter old man all alone.

Advent Trees Lake Geneva

The fourth Advent tree is lit on the hill at the corner of Willow and South Lake Shore Drive (right across from Louie’s Pizza). Merry Christmas to one and all from the Geneva Shore Report.

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