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The City of Lake Geneva is looking to boost tourism with bus tours.
Starting next year, Lake Geneva will be partnering with VISIT Lake Geneva and the Walworth County Visitors Bureau. The tourism committee signed a 2-year contract with the Walworth County Visitors Bureau for $90,000 a year. In return, the visitor’s bureau will put very focused emphasis on bringing bus tours to Lake Geneva. The Bureau will also be able to attend more trade shows and help market and target more people, in order to get them to visit Lake Geneva. The tourism committee also renewed its contract with Visit Lake Geneva for another three years; $150,000 a year, which is up $50,000 from the previous contract (that expires December 31). VISIT will continue to promote tourist attractions and events in this area.


What really happened over there in Williams Bay?
Jim Weiss, the highly regarded city administrator for Williams Bay and also the chairman of the Township Board in Town of Linn, either got up and

Jim Weiss

Jim Weiss, Village Administrator Village of Williams Bay

walked out for no reason he wants to state or the board up and gave Jim the boot.  That’s all the news from the cold hard factual side.  The GSR wanted to know more, so the digging began.  What surfaced was directly from the rumor mill, or from the usual suspects, otherwise known as confidential sources.  Those sources that will give out information, generally unverifiable, information that usually has to be tossed into the rumor bin until a later time.  Sometimes, however, we consider and publish.

The two women who worked at Williams Bay didn’t like Jim.  That’s the first rumor.  The second rumor is that they both threatened to quit if Jim wasn’t fired (it was only two days prior to the last election!).  It was an either/or situation. The third rumor is that the former police chief of Williams Bay, the one who lost her job because she could not come back to work after being severely injured in an off-duty motorcycle accident, threw in with the two women and went to the board.  Apparently, in this third rumor, she felt that Jim had not fairly taken her back or waited long enough for her to recover.  On Jim’s side, well, there was the Yerkes debacle, growing discontent with a board that was as distant as the Antarctic, and a friendship with a board member that went south.  Those are all rumors too.

None of the people rumored about have responded to the GSR’s questions.  But there is plenty of talk and it’s not yet quieting down.  Jim Weiss got one heck of a vote of confidence from the citizens and residents of the Town of Linn last Thursday night.  They came out in force, like never before, to endorse him and a return to the kind of well-mannered and knowledgeable stewardship of that community they’ve had under his able hand.  Will that kind of support ‘splashback’ to Williams Bay?  The answer to that question is unknown, and the GSR isn’t even going to rumor about it.  Yet.


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