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The Riviera Ad Hoc Committee was extended for another six months, but not everyone was in favor of allowing for that extension. Fundraising, or lack of it, seems to be the big motivating issue creating some dissension. Mayor Charlene Klein defended the Riviera Ad Hoc committee members as a whole, stating that the committee was taking the long-term approach and is now concerned and focused on getting money raised as quickly as possible.

Alderperson Flower spoke regarding the committee extension, and her desire to not extend the committee.  She called out the entire committee (excepting herself, of course, as she IS Cindy Flower) and its lack of progress in making decisions and fundraising for the very expensive renovation of the Riviera. She complained that the committee had brought aboard a local businessman named Fred Gahl to be in charge of the fundraising effort. Six months after its inception the committee has raised not a dime, instead simply rolling around many ideas regarding increasing fees on the residents of Lake Geneva to help pay for the project. According to ’the’ Flower, this has caused some city council members to become frustrated with the Riviera Ad Hoc committee. The city council brought in Jodi Sweeny with the Sweeny Group to present other fundraising options. The Sweeny Group has some great ideas but to put them in place is not free and upfront money must be expended that the committee does not have.

At this point with renovations are already in phase two and completion is expected to be sometime in spring. Time is of the essence, according to the Flower and the city council. Fundraising for a project, like that of the Riviera, typically takes place prior to construction and is successful almost always before construction is complete. The city council will seriously consider hiring the Sweeny Group itself and may well add this item to the next city council meeting agenda.

Persons of the Week

Persons of the Week Geneva Shore Report

John Ludy and his father Pistol Pete share some coffee, fond memories, and great A Capella Christmas music! Merry Christmas!


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