Little Gems

The Business Improvement District is starting Twenty-Twenty with a couple of new members.
The whirlwind of a director Bridget Leech is no longer part of the BID management team, so her many duties have to be assumed by others.  Kristi Tarantino will be taking on the role of events manager, starting January 2nd. Emily Kornak is the newest board member and is sure to bring a lot to the table. Emily has been the library director in Lake Geneva since 2017. The Lake Geneva Library has many wonderful events and programs that benefit the community and it will be great to see how she incorporates this into bringing something new to the business district. Not only are there new members at the BID, but the monthly meeting is also changing from Mondays to Wednesdays. The next meeting will be on Wednesday, January 8th at 8 a.m. in the Harbor Shores Hotel.


Spring Election of 2020.
The election is approaching quickly, and anyone seeking office needs to be prepared to turn in candidacy paperwork by 5 p.m., January 7th. Any current elected officials not seeking re-election need to turn in paperwork by 5 p.m., December 27th. This election is sure to be an exciting one with many new candidates and few unopposed positions. Let the campaigning begin!

Person of the Week

Santa Claus Lake Geneva

They don’t get any grander than Santa Claus


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