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In fact-checking the comprehensive plan; page one-forty-seven states that “Figure 9.5 lists the city’s largest employers.” This implies that companies mentioned are in the city itself, but fully 1/3 of them are not. Even the numbers listed as ‘employed by the Major Private Employers’ has gross errors.

For example:
The following three companies; Primex Wireless, Klockit and Chaney Instrument Co. are all listed as having 100 to 249 employees, however, their combined employment is more like 150 employees, not the number of between 300 to 746 employees, as listed. Trostel Limited is listed as 100-249 and Mercy Health system (Aurora is not listed) is listed as being between 499 and 500 employees. Reading that mistake might allow someone to conclude that Mercy really has 499 ½ employees. In the same paragraph the word “like” is used instead of “live,” so it reads “like outside the city”.

We all make mistakes, but the members of the city council members should carefully read and understand any and all city documents, especially the comprehensive plan, before they sign it and make it law by approving it. This draft of the plan also lists the City of Lake Geneva as a net importer of jobs, with 4,627 non-residents working within the City of Lake Geneva and 2,278 residents who work outside of the city.  That’s one weird statistical conclusion and seems to make no sense. The plan also fails to indicate the type (service jobs) or percent of employment that are irregular hours, full time, part-time, temporary summer and service jobs.  That’s pretty vital stuff to leave out.

Yes, Lake Geneva wants to present the best image of the city and its future that it can, but nobody wants to see distortions of the truth, as pointed out in this article. The truth about Wisconsin is that it is a wonderful place to visit nine months of the year, but not during the colder winter months for most people. Most Illinois residents and Lake Geneva residents head south and leave the winter behind. The problem with the new Symphony Bay Development out on Highway 120 is that this huge mess of cheaply built expensive homes was sold to the city council and plan commission as a retirement village for Illinois residents moving north.  Retirees do not, in the vast majority, move north to retire.  They move farther south.

Place Of The Week

Rwelfth and Brown, Lake Geneva

Twelfth & Brown did an amazing job on the window display for the holiday window display competition. The owners went above and beyond creating a beautiful homemade snowman that actually moves and fits with the look of the store. It’s no wonder Twelfth & Brown won for best use of theme and overall display!



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