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Next time around.
The huge advertising push for Small Business Saturday is over and American Express, the company behind the nationwide effort to get people to shop small again during a dark winter weekend day is over.  Next year consider your options when you receive or retrieve an application to have your business play a role and be recognized as one of the small businesses where people should be sent to shop.  Your business has to be of a certain size to qualify, and then have a certain amount of traffic, and then have a large enough revenue stream.  That’s right, you have to be eligible to get the kit and then fully participate.  Amex used to give Amex cardholders up to a 30% discount for shopping at eligible stores, but that went away in 2015.  Now it does not matter what card you use.  Next year, if your business wants to be eligible you should carefully consider what you put on the application.  Many Lake Geneva businesses did not receive approval because they were too small, according to Amex.  That would seem oxymoronic to a thinking person’s point of view, but there it was, and the same skewed and quiet judging process is likely to be back in 2020.  Businesses that were ‘in’ this year will automatically qualify next year.  This year it would have helped a lot if the weather had been more participative in helping things along.


Visit Lake Geneva.
At the BID meeting held on Monday, another small contentious item was brought up by a BID board member.  What is Visit Lake Geneva doing for the BID, and what relevance does it have to what downtown business owners are trying to do to increase their imprint, presence and business revenue?  There was a bit of a silence in the meeting room that Harbor Shores so kindly donates for the once a month meeting.  Visit just lost Shawni Mutter, who resigned as the events coordinator, and then Jen Kinzer left, as well.  She was the marketing manager.  Bethany Souza is stepping into the events coordinator position (formerly Beth was the manager and partner at Baker House before it sold).

A question, problematic-laden, was also asked about what real affiliation Stephanie Klett has with Visit.  It was discussed, very short and clipped, that Bethany is apparently not an employee of Visit but a contractor.  Are problems developing between the BID and Visit?  If they are not then why is it even a subject of consideration for the BID to be discussing the nature of employment of Visit workers?  Bridget’s leaving might be going to create a vacuum that only a vacuum might be able to fill between these two vital entities committed to Lake Geneva’s future.

Place of the Week

Williams Bay Fire House

Williams Bay Fire House
Santa will be making his yearly visit on Saturday, December 7th so make sure to bring your camera and get your picture taken.


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