Little Gems

Christmas stuff.
Rain on our Parade? Yes, it did…but a little rain (actually, a lot of rain) did not stop the show from going on, although the scare of lighting almost shut it down. The 43rd Annual Electric Christmas parade was held as scheduled. The crowd was not as big as previous years but was spectacular for all who endured the elements. The theme was “A Whoville Christmas”. The floats were great and very much brought out the warmth and feeling Christmas should have even with the Grinch being the star of many of the floats. It was a great parade!

Lake Geneva Christmas Parade


Santa Claus is here in Lake Geneva!
He has a temporary workshop at 875 Main Street to accommodate all the kids who want to meet him and tell him their wish lists. He will be at his workshop every Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m., throughout the month of December. After visiting with children this last weekend Santa explained how he is able to be in so many places at the same time, and how he has many brothers who help him out to meet the demand he experiences this time of year. When one of his young fans asked him how they could be sure he was the real deal and not one of his helpers, Santa pulled out his sleigh driver’s license, and of course, displayed his jolly disposition. The ensuing excitement and enthusiasm erased any doubts. Make a point of stopping in and share some Christmas magic with your kids.

Flat Iron Park

Christams Lake Geneva Flat Iron Park

The Lake Geneva Tree lighting ceremony in Flat Iron Park.


School threats.
A terror threat investigation at Badger High School led to a 15-year-old student. An ongoing investigation continues, regarding a threat inscribed on the bathroom stall wall at Badger High school on November 20, 2018. This threat of danger (following very similar threats at nearby schools, and rumors of danger at Badger the previous afternoon) frightened anxious students, staff, and parents causing the school to close early. Nine days into the investigation a juvenile was booked and released to the parents. The 15-year-old admitted to being the one who wrote the threats on the bathroom stall. The juvenile stated the only reason behind the inscription was to cause a ruckus and get the school closed early, and there was never any actual intent behind the threat, and there was no danger of harm or violence towards any staff or students.

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