Living Here

Tom Hartz, John Halverson and the rest of the crew making up the board of Lake Geneva’s BID (Business Improvement District) spent early Monday morning, listening to people discussing the present and the future of Lake Geneva. Only a few years ago the kind of bright, positive and cooperative behavior on display could not possibly have had a presence in the room. They discussed great news: the coming of the ice-skating park; the coming of the ice castle on the beach the day after Christmas; the increased revenues pouring into the city coffers due to new developments and new businesses openings. This attitude of “Polar Express” of wonder and brightness is not often seen.

The GSR rarely features stories so positive, but there is no other way to describe such enthusiasm…and this kind of enthusiasm seems to be happening so infrequently and in so few places. The residents, taxpayers, business owners, and even visitors need to know that this kind of “It’s a Wonderful Life” stuff is happening right in their backyard.

Great people doing great things.

Person and Business of the Week

Getzen Company Elkhorn WI

Brett Getzen, along with the entire Getzen Company, was honored to meet Staff Sgt. Matt Miller, and his wife Chelsea, on Tuesday, November 27th, and present a brand new trumpet to help compensate Matt’s loss of his cherished trumpet. How wonderful to live among such great people.

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