Little Gems

Christmas War…let the shooting begin.
The theme of this year’s Lake Geneva Christmas Parade was Star Wars! Now where did that come from? The word war tied right in there with Christmas, what a unique idea. Citizens, dressed as Soldiers of the Imperium from the Star Wars movies, were in great number and aboard just about every float. Light saber swords abounded. Several star fighter cruisers were decorated with fake weaponry, and placed aboard some of the floats. What happened to Christmas? What happened to the coming of Jesus Christ, the beginning of the New Testament and the philosophy behind the celebration of peace and gentle love? It was not present in Lake Geneva’s supposed Christmas parade celebration. That was all planned before Ed Stivak became head of the Chamber of Commerce (now Visit Lake Geneva). From conversing with Ed, it seems quite possible that this wonderfully expressive and vibrant man will bring some true peaceful spirit back to Lake Geneva next year. The Christmas parade is a chamber event. Lets see what this warmly creative man can do next year!


MBC Center LLC is here.
The school in Williams Bay, the one that sold under the strangest of circumstances (nobody could ever find the realtor handling the sale, or the people representing the school district selling it) last year, is going to be “rehabilitated,” according to the rumor mill.

MBC Center


Amy’s Shipping Emporium.
Lake Geneva’s premier shipping operation is swinging into high gear for the winter holidays and Christmas season. Amy’s will be open on Saturdays from 10 to 4pm up until Christmas weekend, and she is also offering quite a selection of interesting gifts for those who go in to ship packages and have some time to look around. Great stuff at great prices, and you can have all your gifts boxed and shipped right on the spot!


The interesting Sunday sonic boom.   An explosion was heard by residents in a hundred-square-mile area around Lake Geneva on Sunday night. Some people heard more than one, and some people heard a loud “rushing” sound prior to the boom. NASA says it was not a bolide (exploding meteor), the weather people say it wasn’t the result of lightening, and the military says it had nothing to do with their airplanes or other equipment. What was it? Nobody knows. Guessing, the editorial staff of the GSR (some of whom have considerable experience with military equipment) are guessing that it was indeed a supersonic boom caused by some sort of classified military aircraft. Nothing else makes sense. Think Blackswift, flying at 60,000 feet.


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