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And they welcome you with Open Arms!
Open Arms is the name of the free medical and dental clinic, which is located across from Kunes Ford in Elkhorn. It’s a clinic for those without independent means or insurance. For those without insurance, or hope of getting anything other than the “stabilize and get that patient the hell out of here” service provided by the emergency rooms of hospitals across the nation, is about nil. Five years ago, the Catholic Priest who ran St. Benedicts

Fr. Daniel Sanders, founder of Open Arms Clininc

Fr Daniel Sanders, founder Open Arms Clinic

Church in Fontana started a medical clinic for the indigent. He called the place Open Arms. Five years later the place is astoundingly developing into a Mecca for those who don’t have any resources, but still want to survive and live.

The great priest is Father Dan Sanders and has moved on to serve the Catholic Church in Mequon, but his project here remains and grows larger every year. The Open Arms Christmas Benefit Dinner was held last Friday night at the Abbey. The 440 citizens of Southern Wisconsin who attended the Open Arms benefit, donated almost a hundred thousand dollars. The attendees further responded to requests for the purchase of equipment for the clinic and cash to run it. Their generosity was extraordinary. It was truly wonderful to sit among a group of people having a wonderful time being wonderful. It was also very satisfying to see the compassionate nature of the people we are all living among in this small part of the world, gathered around a beautiful small lapping lake. There was, and remains, no good reason to help the clinic and support the priest’s cause, other than goodness. What a tremendously positive way to begin this Christmas season. The Christmas story has Jesus Christ coming into the world to help the very people that come to the Open Arms clinic, and it is inspiring to observe that so many people around Geneva Lake are right there, emotionally surrounding that “manger” with their hearts and wallets open and smiling. Merry Christmas!


Germaine’s, located at 706 W. Main Street, is no longer Germaine’s.
Judy Lew and her daughter, Stephanie have taken the Germaine’s store, where both of them worked previously, and converted it into “All About the Gown by Judy.” This formerly high class bridal store remains a high-class bridal and now event store. The name has changed, but it is still run by these quite helpful and lovely women. The store is located above the Harley store right on the corner of Center and Main.


The Queen Bee Artisan Market on Main Street in downtown Lake Geneva.
This place can be found by stopping near a little protruding awning that leads to a door down below street level at 755 Main. Down in the cute homey space below, as you turn left at the bottom of the stairs, are twenty-five spaces set aside for local artists. In these spaces, you will find a lot of great local art, and depending on the day and time, the artists working away, as well. Nancy Horvath-Gissendaner is the woman who brought this classy operation to the GSR. You won’t be sorry to meet her on any given Saturday, or the other 24 artists whose work is down there and who also help manage the Queen Bee Artisan Market. It is beautiful, fun and of course unique. You’ll be hard pressed to leave without finding something for Christmas.

Queen Bee Artisan Market

Queen Bee Artisan Market, Lake Geneva

Queen Bee Artisan Market, 755 Main St, Lake Geneva


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