Little Gems

The Lake Geneva grenade launchers.   The City of Lake Geneva is spending about two thousand dollars, or so, on tear gas grenade launchers.  There’s some kickback about that, mostly because of the nomenclature.  The very words “grenade launcher” have an emotional impact.  These particular launchers are not meant to be used for crowd control, because the gas grenades might strike and hurt or kill someone.  These non-lethal devices are meant to be used in cases where suspects will not come out of an enclosed area and the police do not want to have to go in shooting.  The devices are needed in inventory…the kind of inventory that it is hoped is never needed.


Snow Emergency?
Why has it not been declared more times before, or at all, for that matter? The “idea man” behind the recommendation of declaring a snow emergency was the president of the BID, Spyro Condos, in order to help in the effort to clean up the snow in a more efficient and timely fashion. After several snowstorms with large amounts of snow accumulated, which resulted in laborious and time-consuming clean-up, declaration of a snow emergency was not utilized until last Thursday when the smallest, least scary, of all the storms, happened. Why did the Mayor of Lake Geneva declare a snow emergency?

The complaints from previous storms, and the complainers who made them, got their way, and now any chance of snow equals an emergency. However, with Winterfest happening, snow accumulation reaching four inches, brutal winds, and temperatures down below zero, it was the right call.  Snow removal was discussed at the BID (Business Improvement District) meeting again last week. The BID recently organized an ad hoc committee to help with the snow removal issues downtown. The ad hoc committee only met once or twice, with no real ideas or solutions put to action. The main idea was to talk to the street department and come up with a better process to plow and clear the downtown streets and parking stalls and coordinated help for the shop owners and clearing their sidewalks.  Tom Earle, the head of the street department is impervious to helpful ideas, however. We guess no one remembers the blizzard of 1979 in Chicago that caused a Mayor to lose her primary. If this behavior continues who will be out of a job?

Winterfest 2021 Ice Sculptures


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