The Bright Side

Lake Geneva WinterFest 2021 was a grand success.
The winners of the main event of the US National Snow Sculpting Championship are;

  • 1st place Team Wisconsin II with its sculpture replicating the virus titled “Inoculation”,
  • 2nd place Team Florida with its sculpture titled “The Power of the Mind’s Eye”, and
  • 3rd place went to Team Wisconsin I with “Tribal Dance”.

The People’s choice votes were counted, and the same three teams placed in a different order. 1st place people’s choice went to “Tribal Dance”, 2nd place went to “Inoculation”, and 3rd place “The Power of the Mind’s Eye”. Congratulations to the winners and all eleven teams. The teams did a great job and endured the elements which were brutal at times. Temperatures dropped into the single digits and wind chills plummeted well below zero.

Even with the cold windy weather people came out, a lot of people. Foot traffic was impressive, parking was full, and the traffic was thick. The city and businesses go all out for the event and the community pitches in. It’s a win for all involved. The retail shops, restaurants, and hotels received much-needed revenue. The Lake Geneva parking department collected parking revenue for the first time ever. This was the 26th National Snow Sculpting Competition held in Lake Geneva and what a great thing.


If you are eligible be sure to Vote in the coming election in Town of Linn on the 16th of February.
That’s next Tuesday! The primary election for the very vital city clerk’’s position will occur on that day. You simply must vote against Chris Jone’s pawn player in the Town of Linn which she is almost single-handedly trying to turn into the ‘Town Without Pity.” Chuck Roan is the Jones Pawn and he is opposed by two wonderful and qualified women named Alyson Morris and Sheila Homola. This is no small election, to be allowed to once again fall to the small but punishing cabal of power grabbers. Don’t let mediocrity reign in the Town of Linn. Get out there and vote (either go straight away to the Town of Linn Municipal Hall in Zenda, go to and request a mail-in ballot, or absentee voting is going on right now, until Friday at 4:00 p.m.). The mail-in ballots must arrive by the close of business on election day or you can take the mail-in ballot and drop it off.

Fabulous Ice Sculpture

Ice Sculpture Brick and Mortar Lake Geneva

The ice sculptures were a favorite among many at Winterfest. The hearts are just in time for Valentine’s Day, from Brick and Mortar


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