Little  Gems

Wishing Well Bookstore at 152 Center Street, is now Dust Bunny Books.
This is the fourth name change of this long-standing children’s bookstore with a twenty-year history. The name and owners have changed, but the wonderful contents of the store, as requested by so many customers, has remained the same. Raina Remeeus is the new owner of Dust Bunny Books and plans to keep the wide variety of classic children’s books, along with those special unique books that you don’t always find in other book stores. She would also like to incorporate a larger young adult selection of books, as well as some adult books. The awning, with Wishing Well Books printed on it, has been scheduled to come down for some time, but the weather put that project on hold. This week it is once again scheduled to come down, so the new name can be put on the awning. Dust Bunny Books is open, however, so there is no need to wait for the sign to go in and shop.


Pot Holes are appearing everywhere.
Winter is wearing on everyone and everything. The roads have endured a rough hard winter. Snowfall after snowfall, ice storms, and arctic temperatures have affected the roads, creating several large potholes around Lake Geneva. Edwards Boulevard and Wrigley Drive have some of the worst holes. The street department in Lake Geneva does a great job keeping the roads as safe and as clear as possible. Lake Geneva has a lot of obstacles when it comes to caring for the streets. The traffic alone is heavy all year round, and even more so with the recent WinterFest and Snow Sculpting events, and then throw in all the traffic from the Ice Castle, and the only productive time for street cleaning and clearing is late at night and in the early morning hours. When equipment breaks down, the work does not stop, it just means a little more manual labor, (or a lot more manual labor) is required. When the streets can stay clear for longer than a day or two, and the temperatures are favorable, pothole repairs will begin. Cold patch will do the trick until spring arrives, at which time the severe potholes, and there are several, will get a long-term fix. Lake Geneva is lucky to have such a great group of hard-working guys and gals on the street department staff.



This winter weather has worn everyone and everything down. Potholes are everywhere!


SoHo, by Stephanie Horne, is an upscale women’s boutique coming to Lake Geneva this spring.
Stephanie already has existing stores in Milwaukee and Naperville that are doing great and are thought of as premiere women’s shopping destinations. They are going into 875 Main Street and are in the process of interior remodeling work and set up. If you walk by right now you won’t see much as the windows are all covered to keep the mystery and excitement alive. It will not be a long wait, though, as SoHo is expected to open by the spring.


Edie Boutique, at 737 Main Street, is a great boutique and has a great group on the staff.
The quality reasonably priced selection in the shop is always worth checking out, and now the store owners are adding another store so they can bring in even more wonderful items to the existing merchandise. Two doors down from the current store is a vacant storefront that once housed the Design Coach, 725 Main Street. Instead of letting that space sit empty the owner of Edie Boutique jumped at the opportunity to open a second store. Originally the plan was for another clothing store, but that has changed and the new store will be completely different with accessories, gifts, and some beach items. Work is being done right now to get the store ready to open before spring hits.

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