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Ice Castle.
The results are in on the Ice Castle, and they are wonderfully mixed, but also filled with interesting stuff. The edifice that has taken over Lake Geneva’s Riviera Pier Beach, although it looks more like an icy version of The Blob than a castle, has been a huge success, bringing in visitors by the thousands through the hardest, coldest and most snowy winter period the city can remember. There are questions about the fact that the castle uses city water (with chlorine) that dumps into the lake when it melts. Would pumping nearby lake water have been better? Will the chlorine, even in such minute quantities, have any harmful effect on the lake environment? Will there be large cleanup costs when the castle is melted and gone? Will the sand near the surface need to be dug up, removed, and then replaced? Will all the heavy-duty pipes run under the sand be dug up and removed? A lot of questions need to be reasonably answered, although there is little doubt that the ice castle wants to return next year and the city wants it to come back. The whole thing was, and remains, quite wonderful.

Ice Castle at Night


Geneva Family Dentistry is a small Lake Geneva wonder. This wonderful place is located at 851 Park Drive, Suite 101, Lake Geneva, WI 53147. From the minute you walk in you feel a sense of warmth and well-being, not common to most cold, medically related waiting rooms. There are many staff members behind the counter and they are terrific. You are greeted and set up to proceed in. Note the lack of other people waiting if you go. That’s because they are that fast and efficient there. If you are in any need of cleaning or other dental care then you have found the right place, if representative staff members are any judge of such things.

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Lake Geneva Nails and Spa

Lake Geneva Nails & Spa, at 820 North Edwards Boulevard, has a very friendly staff that is ready to take care of your nails with tons of colors to choose from, while also offering some pampering. They have kids and adolescent nails, as well.


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