Little Gems

What’s going on over on the west side of the Hillmoor property? There exist two incompatible views of the “improvement” of the Hillmoor Golf course property:

  • The Naturalist view of the property improvement: maintain and plant trees, shrubs and grasses, care for native grasses: and weeds and make walking trails and paths; with added benches to rest and small shelters built to help visitors stay out of the rain. If you add various venues of entertainment and make Hillmoor more of a park and a places to visit and to enjoy, that about sums it up.
  • The Developer view of the property improvement: Cut down the trees, shrubs and plow up the grasses and weeds. Dig up the ground and bury sewer, water and electrical lines. Then level the ground and plant grass over it. And then the goal is to make Hillmoor a commercial/housing development to give people places to live and retire.

Which view is better. They are mutually exclusionary.

The Lake Geneva City Council voted on Monday night to put off a study that might finally resolve this pending issue. Sarah Hill, possibly the council’s brightest mind and star, spearheaded that decision. Sarah is not always “on.”
John Halverson, the managing whatever, over at the Lake Geneva Regional News, is departing for local parts unknown.

John Halverson

John Halverson

John announced his looming retirement, set to begin on the 22nd of April, in his Op/Ed in the last issue of the Regional News. Will Mr. Ireland, like the Irish leprechaun fairy of lore, grow a beard and engage in mischief around town if he takes over the paper, or will he hunker down and continue to support the shaky, but still powerful, “good old boy” structure that controls most city projects?

April 23, 2016 should be an interesting day in Lake Geneva. Mr. Halverson respectfully (really?) declined the request by the Geneva Shore Report to interview him about his life and experience with the Lake Geneva Regional News, and what he might really be going to do locally when he leaves. The Geneva Shore Report reporters and investigators actually had the best of intentions in seeking to interview Mr. Halverson, but it is likely that Mr. Halverson, didn’t quite see it that way based upon some of his own writings about certain members of the GSR staff in the past.

Too bad.

Mr. Halverson has been an interesting and most likable fellow, and not a bad managing editor either. He did indicate that he plans on doing a bit of journalistic freelancing, but when offered the opportunity to write for the GSR he again “respectfully” declined. If the GSR gets any more “respect” it is likely to end its publication run. The Geneva Shore Report’s mission has nothing to do with building respect. It has to do with building the community’s interest in governing itself based upon as many revelations of fact (and some fiction) that the GSR can come up with.


No big deal, right? Think again.
Not when it comes to spending city taxpayer money. Would anyone mind a little better quality grass in Flat Iron or Library Park? How about some more flowers, provided by the fake Lake Geneva Beautification Committee? The committee that was going to kick in a hundred grand for the Bunk Pavilion, but could not come up with the cash so Lake Geneva had to pay that tab.
Now, here they come again.
They are willing to chip in eighty-five thousand for landscaping around the base of Riviera Pier. Lot of money. Forget about it.
The total bill is to run two hundred and eighty five thousand dollars ($285,000).
The Lake Geneva City Council was going to vote on it, but in a novel new approach to running city government, Dan “Small Ball” Draper, the city’s alleged attorney, leaned over and whispered into Lame Duck Connor’s mayoral ear and told him that “we don’t’ have to do this because we can simply put the thing out to bid and then pay for it.”
Lame Duck didn’t even quack his approval.
Small Ball shot a slippery smile to the gathered citizens sitting below and then moved on.
What do you suppose the slippery little smile meant?

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