Little Gems

The Yerkes non-adventure in astrophysics continues in silence.
Nobody knows, except the Coleman’s who run the 501 3c non-profit that has control of the place.  The Coleman’s are not of the illuminating Coleman lineage that designed and built all those lanterns over the years.  No, these Coleman’s are the upper-crust Coleman’s living on Geneva Lake.  Actually, it’s Mrs. Coleman, the woman who was perfectly comfortable calling a big get-together for residents, taxpayers, and anyone else interested last year, to enjoy the University of Chicago presentation regarding the transfer of the building and some pittance of the grounds to Mrs. Coleman and her non-profit minions. Oh, and there were no questions allowed at that meeting because that is not how the upper crust works.  The public was ‘informed’ about what the University was going to do, and that was it.  Since that time, Mrs. Coleman, when she’s not existing with the “Cone of Silence” lowered over her head, ‘informs’ now, all on her own.  The world’s largest refracting telescope is looking at nothing, which is perfectly logical since the leadership of that observatory is seeing nothing.


The Lake Geneva Library wants to speed things up.
The digital sign outside the library displays different captions, messages, and reminders of upcoming events. The sign is doing great at greeting people entering town but with the display time lasting sixty seconds, the next message or event is usually never seen by passing traffic. The library has tried, at previous meetings, to get the time limit changed but with no luck. Apparently, the timed messages are long for safety reasons and are regulated because of the result of traffic studies. The Main Street in front of the library has a speed limit of 25 mph, making it safe for the messages to change more frequently without reducing safety integrity. Increasing the speed of the messages scrolling has been approved by the plan commission and the library can be moved forward to the city council for final approval. That approval was granted at the city council meeting on Monday evening.


Cars parking out on the ice of Geneva Lake.
What is it with people, winter, and ice?  Lake Geneva is a spring-fed lake.  Water runs underground all the way from the Mississippi river, to flow up into the bottom of the lake.  There is no determining just how cold that water is, as it rises to the surface of the lake.  The lake also has bubbler facilities, pumping bubbles under patches of ice where there are outbuildings and piers located in place out in the water that cannot be removed every year.  Those bubblers keep the water moving and therefore not allowing ice to form, but they also can migrate.  Yes, they can travel a long way under the ice and melt covering thicknesses far from where the open water reveals their existence.  That’s what happened back in February of 2016, only four years ago.  Fifteen cars went down when the bubbles flowing under and around the Riviera Pier Complex migrated east, toward where the lake drains out through the locks damming the water draining down to become the White River.  Nobody was hurt or killed, thank God.  But, lately, thirty, forty, and fifty cars have been seen clumped together and parking on the ice, again, not far east from the Riviera.  Neither the city nor the DNR nor the State of Wisconsin can apparently keep people from driving out on the ice.  What’s it going to take to stop this kind of vapidly ignorant behavior?


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