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This Friday, March 1st, paid parking starts for the summer season again.
This is a nuisance for many locals, but on the bright side, it is a sign that spring is coming. For the most part, the rules remain the same, with the

Baker House Lake Geneva

The Baker House is a beautiful historic property on Wrigley Drive, and it has been an iconic landmark in Lake Geneva since 1885.

majority of parking spaces is a dollar an hour, and the more, sought after prime spaces being two dollars an hour. Parking passes for Lake Geneva residents and businesses are already available at City Hall. Residents of Lake Geneva can get up to four stickers free with a vehicle registration, while Lake Geneva businesses can purchase them for $50.00 each, and stickers for Walworth County residents are $160.00 each. If you don’t mind a little walk there are a couple of lots that are always free, otherwise paid parking is enforced from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Parking in the downtown area can be frustrating and challenging with the number of vehicles that visit Lake Geneva, so bring your patience and the correct change because the meters do not give change. The meters are a little slow and outdated, but that may soon change with the recent approval of the purchase of sixty-six new top of the line CALE touch screen meters. The switch to the new meters should be completed before the Memorial Day rush. Sylvia, Lake Geneva’s parking Queen (the head of the parking department) takes her role seriously and truly wants to do everything possible to make parking downtown a positive experience.


It’s official, the Baker House is up for sale!
Back on November 30, it was put up for auction with an opening bid of one million one hundred dollars, but no one made an offer. Allegedly after the auction failed a private offer was made, but it was quickly rejected. Shortly after the auction closed another sale was rumored to be happening with an offer that was to close at the end of January, neither deal panned out, however. That raises the question of did the offers even exist? Then in the middle of February, a for sale sign appeared on the front gate with a listing with Melges Real Estate for 2.475 million dollars. At this time the future of the beautiful Baker House is still unknown.





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