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Is Snowflex coming to Lake Geneva?
What is it, and what would it mean to the area? Snowflex is a high-performance polymer composite system designed and manufactured for skiing and snowboarding, and other winter sports. Snowflex is a very exciting innovation and a great alternative to using snow for all sorts of sport.

Mike Goril

Mike Goril is a creative big thinker who, as an accomplished developer and builder, has successfully brought many of his ideas into fruition. Mike’s latest dream is to bring a Snowflex park to the area making Lake Geneva even more of a top destination for the world.

Its low maintenance requires no grooming and is softer to fall on than hard packed snow. Snowflex is slippery and grippy, both properties being essential for many winter activities, and can make snow sports even more enjoyable.

Snowflex makes it possible to have tubing, skiing, and snowboarding all year round for fun or for serious training. Europe and Asia have had Snowflex facilities for twenty years. In the United States, Liberty University in Virginia has had a Snowflex training facility for ten years and has opened it up to the public where it has become a year-round winter sports amusement park destination for people from all over the world. The only other US site is in Branson, Missouri, and offers year-round Snowflex tubing fun. That site is also extremely popular.

Lake Geneva could be the third Snowflex site in the country. The motivator behind this amazing plan is Mike Goril. Mike and many enthusiasts would like to see a Snowflex park here in Lake Geneva and think it could be a year-round destination for people from all over the world. The park could offer all the snow sports from tubing, skiing, and snowboarding, and other attractions; possibly a tiered miniature golf course, eateries, gift shops, and much more. The park would bring visitors and revenue to Lake Geneva all year long. This could be a terrific facility.

Is Lake Geneva ready for this? Well, it better be. The dream could soon be a reality. Land options exist, and investors are interested. There are a lot of steps before this multi-million- dollar project is definite, gets approval and is completed. Let the questions begin: why not, why not now, and why not right here in Lake Geneva?

For more information about this seemingly wonderful opportunity and facility contact mgoril@gmail.com.

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