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Free Parking is over!
Parking meters will be up and running on Thursday, March 1, 2018. With the sporadic warmer weather, spring events being planned, and paid parking beginning, it feels like spring is right around the corner. Lake Geneva begins its paid parking on the first. Some of the parking lots around town are free, some are $1.00 an hour and one is $2.00 per hour:
(A) Cook Street lot,
(B) Center Street lot (in the $2.00 an hour zone)
(D) Sage Street (Free)
(E) Dunn Field Lot (Free)
(G) Geneva Lot
(H) North Shore Lot
(I) South Lakeshore lot.

There is a new two dollars an hour area that includes some of the prime parking slots in town. This area includes Wrigley Drive in front of the Riviera, part of Broad Street, Center Street, and Main Street. Parking stickers have been available at the Lake Geneva City Hall since February 1st and are still available. Get your sticker and avoid a ticket if you are a local resident or business owner.

Parking Lake Geneva

This map details where the new $2.00 per hour rates will apply beginning on March 1st.

Rock On.
Lake Geneva Rocks is a Facebook page created by a group of individuals encouraging you and others to find, and re-hide painted rocks around Geneva Lake.  These rocks, of different shape and size, have been painted, and some are even painted with inspirational quotes.  Once you find one of these rocks, take a photo of it and post it on Lake Geneva Rocks Facebook page, and then either re-hide it, paint more rocks and hide them around town, or keep it if you like.  The site suggests if you choose to keep the rock, that you replace it with another decorated rock.  This may seem like a childish game, but the thrill of unexpectedly finding a painted/decorated rock and tapping into your artistic and creative side may bring you more joy than you would have expected. One of the GSR staff unexpectedly found a rock outside PNC Bank, and from her reaction, one would have thought she found a chunk of gold!

Lake Geneva Rocks!

Lake Geneva Rocks!

Lake Geneva rocks. Go find one. Go make one. Then go hide it. So cool!

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