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send in Captain Robert Hall


Captain Robert Hall, head of Walworth County Drug Unit sent this report:

“The Walworth County Drug Unit has conducted multiple investigations during the past six months regarding the distribution of cocaine and marijuana.

Captain Robert Hall Walworth County

Captain Robert Hall

Within the past 10 days, the Drug Unit has served 6 search warrants. The warrants were served at 3 residences in the City of Delavan, 2 residences in the Town of Darien and 1 business, the Vegas Gentlemen’s Club, in the Town of Darien. The search warrants resulted in the recovery of cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, drug paraphernalia and the seizure of items used to facilitate the distribution of illegal drugs.”

The Drug Unit of Walworth County has arrested 16 suspects during this time period. Captain Hall and his county team have been very effective at apprehending suspects and also at preventing the worst of the drug trade from making its home almost anywhere in Walworth County. Along with the county, there’s also an active and quietly successful drug team comprised of Lake Geneva police officers. They were a big part of the recent busts and they have also been vitally at work in closing down meth labs that had sprung up in several parts of residential Lake Geneva. The labs are actually harder to catch than the dealers or users of that stuff because they seldom sell their wares in the area they produce them. Several well-placed local citizens in the county have come forth, almost like night-stalking superheroes, to go after the drug trade that’s proven to be so damaging to them and those they love.

The Geneva Shore Report cannot reveal the identities of these volunteer vigilante drug fighters, but the GSR does publish some of their written treatises about what they are up to. The police and sheriffs would (many times) rather work alone in doing the grunt work involved, but without direct involvement from the people living among the dealers, users, and lab rats, there’s little likelihood that interdiction efforts by the official agencies would be nearly as effective. Robert Hall is a man among men, who has served in just about every department the sheriff of Walworth County has. His work in apprehending drunk drivers, and then becoming the instructor/therapist running the DUI classes in Walworth County, is legendary in its effectiveness and has resulted in so many saved lives.

A lot of people in the county know and love Robert Hall…and a whole lot of bad guys and gals know and hate him. It is wonderful to have such brave and dedicated first responders nearby, as Robb Hall, symbolizes. Support the Badge is not a slogan the GSR normally supports because it seems to indicate to those who do not have the sign in their yard do not support the badge by not being flashy about it. Without being flashy, in this case, and for the good of everyone in Walworth County, we should all support the Badges involved in this effort to make life better for everyone around this beautiful area.

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