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Darien’s trucks: Darien, is the director of the Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, that’s now become Visit Lake Geneva. Darien’s idea was that an Elkhorn truck dealership would come, and acting as a sponsor for Winterfest, display their trucks adjacent and out in the street from many of the snow carvings adorning Flat Iron Park. That worked. The giant pickup trucks were indeed left parked up and down the street. And it looked awful. They were bigger than the ice sculptures, blocked the street and screwed up the wonderful view from the park out onto the lake. Why this kind of poor taste goes on is disheartening. The money contributed for sponsorship was nothing compared to the huge amounts taken in by this non-profit organization. It was bad judgment, and very apparent bad judgement. There are local businesses that need support. How about sponsors to help pay for snow shoveling of business front sidewalks? How about sponsor money to pay for winter fencing for the lakefront, so brain-damaged visitors do not drive out on the lake and sink their cars?   A big part of Lake Geneva’s attractiveness is tied to its ambiance and quaint natural beauty. The rest of Winterfest went off without a hitch this year, however.

Truck Show 2017


Poor ice judgment continues to abound. Winterfest proved that people still know little about ice thickness and temperature. It was 49 on Sunday when tons of people walked far out on the ice toward the middle of the lake. Men, women, children, motorcycles and ATVs. There have only been two nights with temperatures appreciable below freezing for any length of time over a period of two weeks. That is not enough to sustain the ice cover disguised by the white snow layer that rests on top of it. It looks safe out there and let’s face it, a whole lot of people and equipment are out there, anyway. The GSR does not want to make dark dire predictions, but if this ice nonsense does not abate then nature will take its course again. Ice forms at 32 degrees and thaws at temperatures under that. It thaws pretty quickly at 49 degrees. Stay off the lake until further notice. We don’t have that many readers, and as the guy who runs one of the local funeral homes said: “slow down, we can wait.”

More Thin Ice
February 7, 2017


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