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Home Depot, the bus transportation and more. What’s great about this big box store, other than they let the city use its huge parking lot to ferry people into the city for special events? How about an across the board ten percent discount for any veteran who can prove he or she is a veteran? How about a veteran’s parking spot, next to the handicapped spaces, close to the door for vets with a Purple Heart? Home Depot is not Wal-Mart, and it shows. What happened at Winterfest was no fault of this neat big box organization. What happened was insufficiency. Not enough busses, resulting in long waits and some disgruntled visitors, to be sure.

No Parking at Lake Winterfest 2017

Winterfest 2017
Snow Sculptures


Helicopter rides at Winterfest and other celebrations. The Geneva Shore Report writes a story every time these helicopters come to Lake Geneva’s Beach area and set down to give rides. The ride is exhilarating and the cost, at $40.00 this year, down from $50 last year, is not that bad. Visit Lake Geneva gets special permission for these helicopters to fly and use the beach for landing and taking off. What’s the problem? The inherent lack of safety in the type of cheap choppers being flown! These Robinson helicopters are powered by piston engines (turbines, although more expensive, almost never fail) and have dubious safety records when the National Traffic Safety Board figures are checked. The company that flies these birds does not want to pay the tab for the safer turbine craft. What’s the City of Lake Geneva going to do when one of these choppers goes down with unknowing citizens on board? The lawsuit is not going to be small and the helicopter’s insurance policy isn’t going to cover the tab.

Winterfest 2017


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