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Ice Castle update…
It’s hard to believe that a castle made of ice is scheduled to open any time soon. The existence of the ice castle is completely weather dependent and with December’s unseasonably warm weather the prognosis for castle completion in the near future is very poor. The ice castle crew is counting on January 2020 to bring some consistent cold weather so the castle can hopefully open sometime in January. The ice castle company has already had tickets on sale at  Currently, the ice castle is scheduled to be open whenever it is completed through early March 2020, or as long as possible. In conjunction with the ice castle, The Ridge Hotel has opened The Ice Box, which is a bar and throne made entirely of ice and includes igloos, ice-skating, and more. This attraction opened on New Year’s Eve and is scheduled to be open through March 2nd.

Ice Castle Update December 27, 2019

Back to work for city officials and the 10-year comprehensive plan.
The holiday break will be over after this week and then it’s back to business. The regularly scheduled meetings are back on the calendar, along with any special meetings needed to continue with the updating of the 10-year update of Lake Geneva’s Comprehensive Plan. The schedule shows the next meeting will be on January 9, 2020, and it is sure to be an eventful one.  However, it has not been added to the city’s website calendar yet. The agenda will cover finalizing draft #3 of the comprehensive plan, as well as finalizing the Hillmoor concept plan and incorporating it into the finalized comprehensive plan. If these issues are finalized on January 9th then a thirty-day review period will begin January 10th, continuing on through February 10th, followed by a few more meetings before the production and distribution of the final adopted plan can be completed on March 2nd, 2020. This has been a long process so far and it’s not over yet.

Oakfire and the tree.
The tree on Wrigley Drive that was taken down recently has inspired the curiosity of many nature lovers. The GSR was asked to get to the root of the issue and therefore conducted an investigation. Neil, of the street department, did not hesitate to explain why the tree had to go. Several years ago it had been noted that the tree was experiencing inner trunk rot, and since that time the city had been tracking the changing condition of the tree. The tree was a beauty and the city realized that many residents would be saddened by its removal. The tree’s condition, however, continued to worsen, so the decision was finally made to remove it. Oak trees are known for being especially susceptible to internal rot issues, which are often not visible to the naked eye. The Oakfire restaurant sits directly across the street from where the tree was. The staff at Oakfire was questioned and divulged a few interesting things.

First, it turns out the tree had not been a significant topic of interest at the restaurant, perhaps because the restaurant already had an amazing view of Geneva Lake. Now with the tree gone, the view has simply become even more striking. The staff also shared some interesting news. Oakfire will soon be opening a second location in the Kenosha area. Everyone is happy to see the company growing and expanding. David Scotney, the owner of Oakfire, knows what he is doing and treats both his staff and customers wonderfully.

Person of the Week


Emily Kornak Lake Geneva

Emily Kornak is the wonderful director at the Lake Geneva Library. Emily is all about community and it shows with all the great events and gatherings that happen at the library. She will be adding more to the Lake Geneva area as the newest board member at the Lake Geneva (BID) Business Improvement District.


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