Little Gems

Pounding sand. It would do any interested citizen good to go take a look at the hole that’s been dug for the coming foundation installation at the Oakfire Restaurant location. If you are interested in the formation of Lake Geneva, and its geological history, then that hole has quite a bit to say. There is a line about six feet up from the bottom of that thirty-five-foot-deep hole. That line is the delineator between the sedimentary covering layers accumulated and laid down over the years, and what was once the shoreline of the lake. The lake may be a lot older than anyone acknowledges. That sand line was once shoreline, and the depth of that sand is considerably more than the six feet that was penetrated. How long did it take to make all that sand, distribute it, and then accumulate to such a significant depth? At least hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years, according to a now retired geologist living nearby. He also stated that the pristine nature of the sand is not that common along the shores of inland lakes, particularly in the southern part of the state. It might behoove the city or the utility department or even the library to send someone qualified to check that hole out for its historical significance.

The current city building inspector is history. By the time you read this Ken Robers will have departed to head on over to Verona, Wisconsin, and become a statue, or to fill whatever other position that requires a Teutonic stiffness not seen since civil war generals got immortalized up atop their stone steeds following the war. Robers got the job done. He was basically heartless, emotionless, and his personality could have filled (barely) one of your grandmother’s thimbles.

Will Utah Blaine replace him with a real warm human being, or will another mean-spirited blow up doll be found to be the real interface between the City of Lake Geneva and small business owners and operators? How about a business friend for these people, like Sylvia is a parking friend to almost everyone? She does her job brilliantly, but with a giant smile and a great heart. How about a bit more of Sylvia for our businesses? Lake Geneva’s building inspector usually serves as the city interface for most small business operations in the town. Along with a new inspector, how about a complete halt to the city sending the police to visit and intimidate businesses that may have some sort of detail wrong in figuring out the local business ordinances? The police are here to fight crime and prevent it, not to be carriers of city paperwork, or play the part of big blue scary creatures.

Grandest Place of the Week

La Frontera Walworth Wi

Now open, La Frontera, a Mexican grocery store is a welcomed site for those on the southwest side of the lake. La Frontera is a grand ‘bigger than average grocery store’ with a large selection of fresh fruit, vegetables, meats, and an overwhelming selection of Mexican products like beans, rice, tortillas, etc. This new place in Walworth at the square is worth taking a look.



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