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Skullduggery! What would happen if the truth were to be exposed that the City of Lake Geneva is being run, manipulated and controlled by a small group that has infiltrated city departments and even the City Council? Well, what would happen is the same thing that normally happens when the truth is exposed. Those who exposed it will be persecuted, prosecuted and silenced. Those controlling the city would use their intertwined network of associations to continue to manipulate and accomplish their objectives. Their favorite method is to make things intended to benefit themselves and their friends look like they are being done for the benefit of others.

This enables them to dupe caring people into supporting their goals for fictitious reasons and to hide their real motive. This also gives those in charge the image that they are caring people doing good things for others while their real goal is personal benefit and to increase their control and future influence. Although hidden from the public, the takeover of the city has been attempted subtly and in plain sight. For those not part of it, caution is in order, because like when a shepherd in sheep’s clothing is a wolf, the sheep, and even a sly fox, must be careful or they too may get snared. The GSR in known for being silent and careful.


The new library head, Carnac the Magnificent, is actually named Emily. You want intellect? You want personality? You want hard work? This woman is sort of like a female version of Carl Sagan from Cosmos. A lot of fun and loaded with library and cultural data. Lake Geneva’s library is going to be a bit different, with a leader worthy of the structure and the population of the area. Forget about being banned from the library, or hounded 22 years later for a missing book. Nope. You will, however, be welcomed, and then hounded for support to increase both the footprint and intellectual entertainment that this small institution is going to offer. Stand by for great things from this exceptional woman. And stand by for the quiet and staid library to become something a bit more in keeping with the modern age. Printed materials are not dead, and even if they’ve been in retreat for a while, then this new library is prepared to take you right into the new Internet and computer era. Give them and her a chance, and get aboard.


One meth bust after another. A third meth lab was discovered and rooted out by Lake Geneva Police on Wednesday night. This kind of thing can be looked at a number of ways. On the GSR website, and Facebook site, several people wrote in to discuss how a lack of policing was responsible for these labs being started and run right in the downtown area. There is another way to view what has happened. The police have been all over it and are stamping out this drug disease like cockroaches in the kitchen! The police are here, the police are there, the police are everywhere…if you are cooking meth, selling it or taking it to speed up the tempo of your slow dull life, beware! There are plenty of places available at the Walworth County lockup for slowing your life down again. The lesson here? If you are going to cook meth, then Lake Geneva may be a very risky place to do business.

Another Meth Bust

Ice Bubbles

Lake Geneva Baker House Ice Tents

Two plastic bubbles put up at the Baker House to keep the WinterFest ice bars frozen in mid-winter. What global warming.


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