Little Gems

Mike Keefe.
He wants it bad. He wants it really bad. What does he want? He wants his parties back. He’s been bereft ever since the heavy-duty regulations about seasonal and holiday rentals went into effect. No more weekend parties in these places near the water where a bunch of college kids (and that’s the best of these groups) rents a house for the weekend and then does the “Animal House,” blow the doors and windows out, on Friday and Saturday nights kind of thing. Keefe wants those back, since Mike “Toga” Keefe can’t make any headway with the community officials around Geneva Lake he’s gone to the county for help. Nobody at the county offices hangs around the lake much and unlike Chicago municipal workers they don’t have under the table money to pay for lakeside homes.

Therefore, it’s likely that Lake Geneva’s largest property owner (since nobody else will claim that title) will be successful in influencing the officials to allow the good old days to return. One of the problems facing regular folks, who might object to changing rental rules to make them more lax, is that regular folks don’t have attorneys and publicists and minions running around to find out what meetings are being held at the county that might substantially effect them. The Geneva Shore Report is going to attempt to expand out and gather in more of this kind of data so concerned citizens will have a place where they can find out what might be coming down the road toward them before it arrives.

What are they up to now?
Why is it that if there’s a pile of money somewhere then somebody figures out how to spend it instead of just leaving it there in case the creek rises or a blizzard comes along? Now it’s the widening of Highway 50 from the bridge across from Kentucky Fried Chicken in Lake Geneva to Hillmoor. And then there’s Hillmoor again. Those people, whoever the hell they are. Like snot on a doorknob, every contact leads to a lot of hand wringing; washing and you never get through the door.

Why does Highway 50 (better known as Main Street) have to be widened at the cost of millions? So more chicken can slide out the door at KFC? So more Christians can gather on top of Catholic Hill to join the Pope’s crusade against Internet trolls? Or is it that maybe, just maybe, there’s money to be made by the people who do such projects and those who might sit on the end with more valuable access available to their properties.
Well, the expression comes to mind: “isn’t that special.”
And it’s not a question.

The Grandest Place and a Real Gem

Connect with Big Brother-Big Sister organization

Big Brothers Big Sisters, that terrific organization that helps so many kids is situated locally at 1545 Hobbs Drive in Delavan. Their Lunch Buddy program is where they match an adult buddy with a kid who needs some guidance or who’s lost his or her way. It’s one hour a week to help a kid.
Call them and do some real good that also might do you some good. 262-728-8865


A Real Gem

Grandest Person

Goldie from Senior Cab Company Lake Geneva

Goldie is this grand person’s name. She’s got this giant heart to go with her giant smile. Senior Cab is so complimented to have her working with them. Goldie, answers the phone, fixes cars, and if you get lucky shows up to drive you around town. What a warmly wonderful woman and not a bad cab company either.

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