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The Williams Bay Elementary School.

If cleared, this property could be carved up into fifteen to twenty buildable residential lots worth more than fifty thousand apiece. The man who penetrated the deliberate complexity of a property, which was never listed on MLS and only vaguely rumored to be for sale from some unknown realtor in Madison, who never returns phone calls, is named Fred Gahl.

Fred is a Lake Geneva resident par excellence, owning personal and business properties as well as his own home. Recently, several publications wrote about a meeting in Williams Bay where Fred was mentioned because he bought the entire school for a hundred and twenty thousand dollars ($150,000). Supposedly, these publications indicated that Williams Bay representatives weren’t too enthusiastic about Fred coming to them, informing them of his purchase and asking them what they thought he ought to do with developing it. Well, the publications got it all wrong. Williams Bay will be most happy to have decent quality construction right their in the beating heart of their village and there’s not one person on the village board who says anything else.

Currently the property is zoned for education purposes but that will certainly change as Fred considers what to do with his windfall purchase. That Mr. Gahl approached the board with his hat in his hand and requested input is a credit to him. He’s done everything asked of him with respect to his other business holdings (he rents some business space as well as owning some). It is local independent entrepreneurs like Mr. Gahl who must be encouraged and supported in and around Lake Geneva. Most all of the many failed developments around Geneva Lake have been half-built by people who don’t live anywhere near the lake, and the results of their developments reflect that brand of local care Fred appears to emanate.


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Some Great Fun for a Good Cause

Fund Raising event Fontana WI

His name is Musky, and we weren’t sure whether that was because of his hat, his demeanor or simply because his parents were serious fishermen. This was the action at the Fire Department event in Fontana last weekend. It was a stunning great time and it brought in a lot of much needed money. And no, the guy’s not really named Musky.

And More

Fontana WI Fund Raising Event

Here name is Judy and she’s a biology teacher at a high school. The snow, the beer, the fire, the invigorating conversation were all wonderful at the Fontana Fire Department benefit. The beer came with the entry price, a brat too.

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