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Clean it up or pay up.
In light of the multiple recent snowfalls, this article is a friendly reminder to keep all public walkways (that you are responsible for), clear and passable. This means whether you believe the merchants should shovel their own walks or require it to be done by the passage of the new city ordinance. Several crosswalks and sidewalks were recently marked with green spray paint, not to shame property owners, although some may have taken it that way, but just as a reminder. It is also a way for the city to keep track of what has been done and what is still not done.

Un-shoveled walkways are a safety issue for the many residents and visitors that regularly walk in Lake Geneva. Pedestrian mobility for all is important and in some cases a necessity. The idea that someone could not get where they need to go, or actually endure an injury because of unsafe sidewalks, is not acceptable in Lake Geneva. If areas are left un-shoveled, and not maintained, the city is forced to send out staff from Schiller Landscaping (which has a contract with the city) to do the job for you. The responsible party will then be billed for this service, and it is not cheap. Save yourself the cost and just get it done. If you are personally unable to do the job, reach out and ask for help. And if you are able and know of a neighbor who is not, reach out and offer to help. We are all neighbors, and all need help at times.


The Lake Geneva Plan Commission held a meeting last Monday, January 20th.
It covered an overview of draft #3 of the comprehensive plan. The city planner Mike Slavney gave the same presentation that city meeting goers have heard numerous times, reading directly from a summed up version of the plan. The presentation was not up for discussion, and no decisions were to be made, it was just another recap for everyone to take note of before the public hearing on Monday, February 10th.  On the tenth there will be a city council meeting along with a joint planning commission and city council meeting. The meeting will include a comprehensive plan public hearing followed by a plan commission consideration of a resolution recommending adoption of a plan. If this meeting concludes as expected the next meeting regarding the ten-year update of the comprehensive plan will on February 24th, for consideration of plan ordinance. The final adoption, production, and distribution of the comprehensive plan will then happen on March 2nd. So this is the last opportunity for any concerns still looming over the treasured Hillmoor property, and any questions still unanswered or unexplained to be heard.



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