Little Gems

Sabia Sabia is ready to open.
The Thai restaurant on Geneva Street is about to open for real. Sabia means relaxation in the Thai language. And relaxing the place is. Either the end of January or the beginning of February is when the owners are saying the opening will be. The chef will be Noina Workman while her partner, Jirapa Cox, will run operations in all areas other than cooking. They have not yet hired a hostess or wait staff, so if you are interested in working at about the most different and special restaurant to open in Lake Geneva in a long time, go see them. The address for the new place is 306 Center Street (on the northwest corner of Geneva and Center Streets).

The private opening was on New Year’s Eve, and the curry chicken and pad Thai were especially remarked upon. The owners are still deciding on the final menu, however, so don’t count on those being offered. The staff of the GSR is praying that beggar’s chicken will be one of the offerings (an entire chicken is embedded in clay, with the whole mess heated until the clay hardens and the chicken is cooked inside). The beggar’s chicken in Asia is served with little hammers to break the hardened clay from the chicken. Now that would be something, indeed!


Tom Ricci died.
The guy who took the wreck of the Stone Manor estate and rebuilt it into condominiums of lavish appointment and style. Those seven units now all reformed with the exception of one into a single family dwelling by a very wealthy California Hollywood notable, sold for large prices, and the monied people that bought them did, even more, to make the Manor back into the wonderfully beautiful edifice it now is. Tom was in Lake Geneva last Friday when he checked into Mercy Hospital on Highway 67. He thought he had a sore throat because he couldn’t speak clearly. Mercy determined after testing that he didn’t have a sore throat. They prescribed Tamiflu and then discharged him on Friday night. Tom drove down to his home, located in a northern suburb of Chicago and went to bed. He was found the next morning, dead on the floor near his bed. He died of apparently of congestive heart failure. The difficulty he had in speaking was evidently from his heart sack being swollen and putting pressure on his thorax. Mercy missed the symptoms, although those symptoms (evidenced by what happened to Tom) for congestive heart failure can be very difficult to diagnose if they are not more evident. Tom was an easy-going, nice guy and everyone who met him liked him. He will be sorely missed by his family and many around Geneva Lake.

New Year Feast at Geneva Java

Geneva Java New Year

Chris Petersen shows some of the huge portion of black peas and ham she created
for everyone to eat on New Years Day. The Geneva Java crowds did not disappoint her and the
wonderfully tasteful creation pleased everyone.


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