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The change in political landscaping to-and-fro across the entire political field of Lake Geneva is dramatic, and the effects could reach out and touch every individual who lives in or around Geneva Lake, even the people who come to visit in summer and winter.

People are running for office in Lake Geneva. Every office where representation counts, except for that of the city attorney. It is likely that Lake Geneva’s clone of Peter Lorrie will remain in that position until Hell freezes over (which may be this winter!). The good news is that, not only are there contested races in three of the four districts subject to re-election in April, but there are three candidates for the major’s position. The new people running for these positions are, with the exception of Tom Hartz, quality educated men and women with real Wisconsin integrity and grit.

Charlene Klein is head of the Horticulture operation over there on Broad St and does a terrific job leading. She’s running for mayor.

Tim Dunn, from the Dunn Lumber family, is running for 3rd District Alderperson against Bob “Mr. Potter” Kordus. Here’s his educational background: St. Francis de Sales Grade School; Badger High School; The College of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota; University of Wisconsin Madison; Concordia College of Wisconsin and Hurricane Island Outward Bound School, Rockland Maine.

Selena Proska is running for Alderperson against Doug (Clone of Kordus) Skates in the 1st District. Selena’s been in District 1 for thirteen years and has

Mary Joo Fessenmeir

Mary Jo Fussenmeir, one of the straightest arrows and sincere hearts in all of Lake Geneva.
Her work as a teacher and librarian is unparalleled in using those skills to help lead the city.

been on the horticultural board and served on the board of the Maple Park Historic District Homeowner Association for many years.

Finally, Mary Jo Fesenmeier is running against Rick Hedlund in the 2nd District. Mary Jo is so local she bleeds Geneva Lake blood, having gone to Badger and then on through colleges to arrive at a Masters of Elementary Education at UW. She’s taught school at Eastview Elementary, located on Sage Street in downtown Lake Geneva, for 29 years and runs the library there too.

These new candidates are running for the right reasons. Hillmoor has a lot to do with the candidacy of all of them, including Mr. “Heartless” Hartz. The Hillmoor crisis has brought out polarizing forces and focused them on that large chunk of property. The ‘good old boys’ last gasp might be another name for the developmental forces attempting to make that land the spearhead of their conversion of Lake Geneva into the Dells. And they are afraid. The droves of people who showed up at the Hillmoor meetings and hearings scared the hell out of them because the people came out of the weeds, forest, hills and even wealthy homes on the lake to let everyone else, including their elected leaders, know what they wanted. And what they showed to everyone who attended, or has read about their appearance, was that they want Geneva Lake to remain as pristine as possible with only limited and smaller high-quality development on into the foreseeable future.

The Geneva Shore Report is not saying that editorially here, it is saying that because it is repeating what those hundreds and hundreds of appearing and speaking citizens said at those meetings. Mr. Winkler is gone. Jim Connors is gone. Dennis Jordan is gone. The old guys at the American Legion have retreated. The political Lutheran Church has grown silent. The fire department now fights fires and saves lives instead of being involved in local politics. A new order has arisen and it is getting more and more organized. The new order is all about saving the town, the lake and the communities that surround it. This new order is all about changing everything while changing nothing of social or cultural import. Upgraded stores are all welcome, as are limited high-quality hotels and motels. Open spaces for the people become a requirement for ambiance, instead of a courtesy or favor. Beauty rises to equal importance with return on investment.

2018 begins to look like a fabulous year for everyone who’s driven a stake into the heart of Geneva Lake and decided to make a stand around it.

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