Little Gems

So much has been cancelled because of the weather.
The Harbor Shores Souper Family Fun Night was canceled. The loss of that one really hurts for soup lovers and those who like to gather at great family events. The Hover Craft events, from the rides, to the world record speed attempt, were all cancelled. The snow needed to be cleared out on the lake, but the eight inches of that provided too much insulation for the ice under It and the city could not send equipment out on the surface without risking their crews. So far, the helicopter rides are still a go, but with the weather being so strange this season, changes could come at any minute. And the change and cancellation of the helicopter rides came through right while this article was being written. The Souper Family Fun Night will not be rescheduled, nor will the hovercrafts return until next year, hopefully, along with the helicopters.


Snow blocks being “stomped” for Winterfest.
Will the snow blocks be ready? The Lake Geneva City Street Department were so busy clearing the snow from the streets, parking spaces, and parking lots after the snow storm that they were not able to get to the building of the snow blocks for the competition. Will they be ready in time? Will the delay cause a delay in the start of the US National Snow Sculpting Competition? Snow Sculpting teams start sculpting today! There are fifteen teams from all over the country that have qualified for the US National Snow Sculpting Competition by winning other competitions. Cold and snow are expected and even welcomed by the snow artists, but are they ready for the truly brutal weather expected during the first two days of their work? From start to finish, Wednesday through Saturday, temperatures will stay well below zero with expected strong winds and end on Saturday in the mid-thirties. How will the teams manage in this cold? How can anyone handle being in those elements for very long? The warming shelter is up and available to the teams, but they can’t create and carve their works of art in the tent. Winterfest has had many delays and even cancellations in the past, let’s hope we all get through this challenging week with a smile and have fun.

Snow Blocks for Sculptures


What happened to Joyce?
The most excellent clerk who functioned as the “front office” of the Town of Linn Police Department for so many years has moved on. Her current position is at Mercy Hospital and the hospital will be the better for hiring here away.  What a wonderful woman who radiated warmth and charm through the armored window at the Town of Linn counter.  She’s always been extremely helpful, and replacing this wonderful woman will be difficult.  Currently, there is no news coming out of Town of Linn about any replacement.


Chili cook-off.
Food, fun, and fire. Hawk’s View Golf Club a Groundhog Day Celebration! Free chili, cheap beer, wine, and hot dogs. There will be four chili categories: Student, Traditional, Spicy, and Open. Sponsors for this event are Jack Huffman and Leo Borghgraef who are nine-time defending champions. It takes place on Groundhog Day, February 2nd. All are welcome to attend!

Ice Castle Open

Ice Castle Lake Geneva 2019

The ice castle sold out on opening day, January 23rd, with lots of eager visitors waiting in the bitter cold to be the first ones to get a peek inside. Mother Nature finally blessed the crew with the weather they were waiting for and now everyone can have a chance to enjoy the Ice Castle’s splendor

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