The Bright Side

The Riviera Project has a middle name.
Its middle “R- name” is the word that appears between the word “Riviera” and the word “Project”. That word defines the scope of the project and it is a word that the city keeps changing. To gain the support it was originally The Riviera “Repair” Project, which was to repair the leak in the roof and the foundation, as well as a few other minor repairs. This justified some expense and gained public support because most residents feel that The Riviera Pier Complex is important to the city, and needs to be maintained. Then, with the restrooms and other facilities not meeting current standards, the city decided to expand the scope of the project and change the middle word to “restoration” and the Riviera “Restoration” Project was to bring all of The Riviera facilities up to current standards as well as replacing the roof. Then the city hired a firm to look into what could be done with The Riviera, and the city further expanded the scope of the project and again changed that center word to “repurposing,” and the Riviera “Repurposing” Project began.

However, the public objected to the “repurposing,” and the project was put on hold. But the city came up with a new middle “R” word and the project is inching forward again. The new word is “renovation,” because The Riviera “Renovation” Project can include both “repair” and “repurposing,” and the city thinks renovation sounds more palatable to the residents than “repurposing.”

To get public support for the “The Riviera Renovation Project,” the city on the first page of its website lists “Tell us your vision… Take an online survey about “The Riviera Renovation Project.”

The survey has 13 questions of which the first 9 have nothing to do with “Telling your Vision,” but are questions to establish information about you and your connection (financial & otherwise) to The Riviera. Summarized, the survey asks:

1.) resident, part-time resident or non-resident?
2.) family status?
3.) age?
4.) reason for Riviera visits?
5.) The number of Riviera visits?
6.) Did you purchase from The Riviera shops?
7) Dining out when visiting The Riviera?
8.) Why did you book at The Riviera?
9.) Why you did not book The Riviera?

Then, numbers 10 and 11 finally asks for your suggestions:
10.) Asks for your improvement ideas for the 2nd floor of The Riviera
11.) Asks for your suggested activities for the Riviera.

Then the survey ends by asking your level of interest in The Riviera, and your areas of interest in The Riviera. If the city was really interested in receiving input from the public’s vision then the first question would be about the public’s vision, and it would not be near the end of the list. City Hall does not seem to understand the purpose of The Riviera is to be “The Riviera”. It is a symbol of how people in hard times were able to get together and what they could accomplish for the betterment of the whole community (like the beach, The Riviera is to be for everyone) and not the betterment of a few. The Riviera is a symbol of an attitude that needs to be dredged up from the years past. The citizens are all in this together, and those who feel they deserve special treatment or more access or more money, ought to move on down the road.


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