Little Gems

Geneva Rocks!
Here is a comment made by one of the people who is really into the new/old painted rocks you might see laying around the edge of the water in and around Geneva Lake: “Welcome to East Troy’s painted rock hunt group!” The goal of this group is to bring a refreshing sense of unity throughout our community. Did you find a rock? Please post a picture of your treasure. Then, re-hide the rock in the same location, or find somewhere new. If a rock holds special meaning for you, feel free to keep it, but please consider replacing it with one of your own creations (as this will help ensure the continued circulation of rocks). See pinned posts for detailed information on painting and hiding rocks. Remember, kindness matters.” These newly painted rocks, all made with amateur effort alone, are decorated and then placed in strategic places to be found. To be found by whom? To be found by people who might be lifted up by getting a positive message and art piece from a total stranger. The art piece will no doubt say something nice about whoever might find it. So, go look for some painted rocks around the lake. This sounds like a terrific idea and undertaking. Go out there in the dead of winter all dressed up in survival gear and embark upon a different sort of artistic adventure! How wonderful. Geneva Rocks!


Lake Geneva Antiques and Arts Bizarre.
They were in a shop on Main Street but then decided to move over to the Mikkelsen/”God knows who” owns it old Baptist Church on Geneva Street. The rent went up at the Main Street location, but then reality set in when the Baptist Church owner was considered and the head of the Bizarre decided to bed down with a pit of vipers would be a more religious (and less terminal) place to move to instead of that mess of an old building, not to mention the owner. The new location of the business has not been revealed yet.


The Café Calamari in Williams Bay is hosting a series of private events with live music, accompanied by a small plate tapas-style menu. Drinks and live entertainment will be served at 1 West Geneva Street in downtown Williams Bay (in the building where the Pub used to be). The drinks will start at five p.m. and the live entertainment at six-thirty. February 8th is the first night, and it will feature Jeff Trudell, followed by The Brothers Quinn on February 22nd, with many more groups to come, on each succeeding Thursday. Café Calamari continues to be one of the most successful high class low to mid-price restaurants around the lake. Dinner for two, with steak and Chilean Sea Bass, a couple of drinks and dessert, was only ninety dollars last Saturday night.

Featured Business of the Week

Therapeutic Touch Lake Geneva

Therapeutic Touch is just what the name implies it is, therapy through touch that leaves you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and sometimes even euphoric. Call 262-248-6888 or drop in at 601 Main Street Lake Geneva. You will not be disappointed.


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