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One shot fired in self-defense, and it worked without injury.
At around midnight on the 25th of January, a landlord (owning a building in the 700 block of North Street in Lake Geneva) contacted one of his tenants because of a smoke smell coming from his unit that was permeating the building. The tenant became unhinged and allegedly threw the aging landlord down the stairs, and then pursued him when he got up and fled into his own downstairs apartment. Once the landlord was inside, the younger male tenant began beating on the door. The landlord pulled out his stored magnum revolver, opened the door and fired one round. The big muzzle blast, the sound, and the threat were enough to make up for the poorly (or maybe wisely) aimed round. The bullet missed the tenant, but he had already fled, only to later be arrested for battery and more. Sometimes that self-defense gun thing really works. Not often, but every once and awhile.


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Ice Boating Lake Geneva

Ice Boating Lake Geneva

Ice boats on Lake Geneva ice, waiting for wind on Sunday afternoon.

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