Little Gems

The Dawson’s Creek Ranch Barrel Bash.
The Barrel Bash turned out to be a huge event, putting Dawson’s Creek firmly on the rodeo circuit as a major player. The event was attended by hundreds of spectators each day of its operation. Two hundred and twenty-three riders ran for prizes totaling more than twelve thousand dollars. That number of barrel races puts Dawson’s Ranch on the map as the second largest barrel racing event in Wisconsin. Ron Geman, one of the real cowboys putting on the event (he is the Director of Operations for the Arena Management Company administrating the event) was out in the ring when he was injured by a horse that another rider lost control of. It would appear after seeing the professionals that Ron suffered a dislocated shoulder.   It is hoped that this terrific man will recover quickly and be back up on his horse and riding again by the end of the summer.

Pee Wee Barrel Bash

The Kansas Vietnam Veteran’s Rendezvous.
The managing editor of the Geneva Shore Report took a small contingent of staff and family to visit with Combat Vietnam Veterans in Winfield, Kansas (very close to the very middle of the contiguous United States). The group of about fifty former combatants met for two days and the subject of Vietnam rarely came up, and when it did it was not for long. Amazingly enough, most of the men who survived the combat and then an unfriendly return home do not spend much time in public reverie with respect to that awful war, or even the conduct of Americans toward those returning warriors. The veterans and the country have both come a long way and it was not only good to see that, but also entertaining to be among such a vibrant group of interesting and humorous men, along with their wives.

Vietnam Veterans Rendezvous

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