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The stolen baby Lynx duo has been recovered.
At the time of the theft X-Files investigators immediately thought of the possibility that the kidnapping of the Lynx babies was an inside job. Whom would know their value? Whom would know they were there and how to get them out? Whom would know how to care for them so their value was not lost? Loren Wiseman, of Delavan, working at Animal Gardens, was arrested on Thursday for the theft. He faces charges of being part of the conspiracy to steal the Lynx babies, but the prosecutor’s office has yet to formally charge him (that was on July 7th). Just before the theft, Wiseman had told Animal Gardens that he was quitting to return to West Virginia. Wiseman is out on a ten-thousand-dollar signature bond. The woman who returned the Lynx babies for the thousand-dollar reward has not been named, and will apparently be allowed to keep the money. The other side of that, since the word ‘conspiracy’ is being bandied about by the prosecutor’s office, is that this woman might be implicated as well.

Lynx Babies


Did Amelia Earhart and her co-pilot die in a crash when they ran out of fuel during their Pacific flight back in 1937?
What does it matter? It matters a whole lot when it comes to man’s inhumanity to man. Some pretty solid evidence gives every appearance from that Amelia and her co-pilot both survived only to be interned by the Japanese until they died at some unknown place and date. There was no war with Japan at that time. It is also becoming ever more likely that the United States government had some knowledge that the two pilots were not dead, and were being held by the Japanese. If that is true, then it just makes the whole thing worse. At what point must governments be held accountable for unspeakable awful acts against individual humans, and even large groups of them under their control? Where does the urge to main, torture and kill those under complete human control come from? This new story, if true, certainly brings to mind the still open prison the U.S. runs in Guantanamo, Cuba, as well as violent outrageous conduct against others out there in the world. Until the citizenry itself, of the U.S. and other countries, demands an end to secrecy about such conduct, and the performance of hateful acts filled with violent pain against others, the U.S. will become ever more like those governments of the past presently used to describe examples of how we will never become.


Comment made at the Geneva Java Coffee Shop about life in Lake Geneva:
“I am around and play with people, every day that don’t like me. Oh, they don’t let me know that. But I know that. It’s the small things. The little look when I’m not looking, the small humorous comment that’s about as funny as the Hiroshima bomb results, but has to be taken like it was a celebratory July 4th firecracker. Then there’s the actions. They get together but not with me. I only see them doing that and I’m not supposed to wonder how I came to know that I’m over “here” while they are over “there.” No it’s not an accident. No, my invitation did not go to the wrong address. None of that. I have friends. Real friends and real people in my life but, admittedly, I move at something just below the speed of light, and have a hard time waiting while those moving slower do what they do…move slower. And I guess I’m not real good at keeping my “Speedy Gonzales” attitude in rein. It’s me, of course. I know it’s me, and would go to a shrink to get better at being me, but I live in a small town. If you live in a small town then you can’t go to a shrink, you can’t keep your real money at the local bank, and if you want to really negotiate tough on a price you better do it somewhere else. Shrinks tell your secrets to friends when they drink, bankers whisper about your finances for the hell of it, and the last thing you want to be in town is be known as a cheapskate…unless it’s being known as somebody who’s too generous, and then everyone thinks you’re an idiot. But they’d still like to borrow a few bucks now and then. So, I’m getting by the people who don’t like me this morning, and going to work where the people there can’t let me know they don’t like me because they think I’ll fire them. Which I won’t but they don’t really know that. Other than that, it’s a fine summer day.”
The author of this comment has yet to be discovered.

Person of the Week

Zach Manin of Sweet Memories

Zach Manin, at Sweet Memories Crepes, makes a beautifully delicious crepe and is very entertaining to watch, as he creates his masterpieces. He can be found at the Farmers Market in Lake Geneva every Thursday during the summer. It’s a great and growing farmer’s market and Zach is part of the reason it’s becoming so great.


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