Little Gems

IMAGETEC. This is the company that puts James Imaging to absolute shame. They perform. If you have a heavy duty printer, or need one, thenIMAGTEC these are the people you should call in the Lake Geneva area.
Here’s an example:

“It was a pleasure talking with you today. The toner incident took place on Tuesday June 28th when your device ran out of toner when Doug Howser and I were at your location for an appointment. Our meeting was just ending with Sally Nimmow when Doug checked the Samsung because it gave an error code which meant it was out of magenta toner. UPS wasn’t going to make it until the next day and Sally needed to get the documents out before that. I drove to our McHenry office to pick up the toner at approximately 3:45 p.m. (30 miles one way) and returned at 5:45 p.m. that same evening, so Sally could continue to finish running the documents. Sally was very appreciative that I did that. Thank you so much for acknowledging our services at IMAGETEC because that sometimes goes unappreciated. Please note we value your business and appreciate the opportunity to service and support a company such as The Geneva Shore Report.’ Bruno Giacomantonio, Senior Account Executive

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Three years old.
An ordinary boring trip to the local Wal-Mart turned out to be not so ordinary or boring. A grandmother and granddaughter, along with a few other family members went to pick up a few essentials. When they parked they noticed a little boy around three years old alone and scared. When the adults approached the child to offer help he was reluctant to except it. The grandparent’s little girl Avery, nearly three years old, walked right over to the lost crying boy and extended her hand to him. The boy was more than happy to take her hand. Avery then walked with the boy, hand in hand, to the Wal-Mart door. When they reached the door they found it guarded, because a “Code Adam” (lost child) had been announced and everyone in the store was on alert. The children were then greeted by the many people who had been frantically looking for little Malachi, and were thrilled to have him back. Avery’s small act of bravery and common sense did not go unnoticed. She was showered with praise and a small shopping spree was granted to her very appreciative grandmother.

A great Heart

Avery. Friend of the friendless. Finder of lost children and causes. This child is special, as she proved in the Wal-Mart parking lot last Friday.

The Crony Crab Apple Pier is almost done.
Have you been down to the Riviera Pier on Lake Geneva? It’s a grand place to walk around, check out the boats, lake and people watch. You will note that the park-like area out in front of the pier welcoming you into the main building looks mostly like it did before, except a bit neater and fresher. What about a money park area? What would that have looked like instead of bothering with grass, pavers and crab apple trees? The entire park area in front of the Riviera could have been laid with clear Lucite blocks three inches thick. In the center of each block a five-dollar bill would be suspended. Yes, the entire area of that non-park park could be covered with five dollar bills and there would have been money left over (if you consider what was paid for the landscaping) to rebuild the sidewalks and erect a higher flag pole.   Think of the community’s interest in coming down to walk upon hundreds of thousands of dollars and laying in wait to catch any visitors trying to pry up chunks of the covering.   Down the road, guess what, the hundreds of thousands of dollars would still be there, in case the city needed to build a third gazebo in order to cut down on the loneliness being experienced by the two currently sitting there sixty feet apart in Flat Iron Park.


The Grateful Dead. Mostly dead, anyway.
There’s one band member of the original group still playing, while the other three are still alive, but not playing so much. The original surviving members are all in their mid-seventies. The current group played locally on Saturday night, at the Alpine Valley Music Center, and the usual collection of mostly imported stoners cheered them on. What’s a stoner? Think about it. Anyway, suffice it to say that the group did a bang up job that nobody who attended can remember much of anything about. The survivors of the event blended neatly into the Lake Geneva landscape, completely draining Starbuck’s and Geneva Java of all their coffee (one bus load bought over a hundred bucks worth!). Prior to that, down on the lakefront in Williams Bay, Music at the Lake, , Mickey Dolenz (the sole representative of the Monkee’s performing that night, July 9th) headed up an evening of the group’s hits in a presentation of musical memories. At both events a lot of local people and visitors had a fun, wonderful, and often nostalgic time. What can be said about that?

Sometimes the best outdoor entertainment during the summer is not new, but the fun and exhilaration of it all is truly not to be overlooked or ridiculed.   So many of these now ancient rock groups (The Rolling Stones, The Moody Blues, Bob Dylan, and many more) play while moving more slowly onto stages across the nation, with disproportionately senior audiences cheering make-believe members of the band on into rocking nights. Still, this phenomenon is to be celebrated in a day and age where coming out with new original music is very rare.

Grandest Place

Torcaso Shoe Repair lake Geneva

Grandest place ….
Torcaso’s Shoe Repair where you will find the brother and sister team Paula and Ray cobbling away and sipping espresso with their assembly of cronies. This 83 year old family owned business is unceasing in their quality of work and customer service. Torcaso’s Shoe Repair 253 Center Street 262-248-8741.

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