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The continuing grease controversy heats up, again.
Mr. Campbell is a regular Lake Geneva citizen and he’s no stake in the grease business. He does not own a restaurant or a boat operation or any of that. What Mr. Campbell is all about is the quality of the water in Geneva Lake. What happened? Mr. Campbell went down and visited the shoreline not far from where the Leather Lips boat rental operation is run. On that weekend afternoon a few days ago, Mr. Campbell noted several personal watercraft riders trying to get aboard their noisy, obnoxious and smoking little beasts. The riders kept falling off. The cause of that soon became evident.

The riders were getting used cooking grease on their bodies as they tried to mount the watercraft. Where was that cooking oil coming from, he wondered? He found it coming out of several storm drains nearby. He followed the drains back up to their sources, the two alleys behind the restaurants that line Wrigley Drive. Mr. Campbell went to the police. The police investigated and found out that Mr. Campbell’s observations were true. At that point, the investigation went south. Currently, the grease from the French-fryers inside all the Lake Geneva restaurants is collected by the restaurants and then poured into reception containers located in those two alleys. When this grease problem occurred five years ago, the city came down hard on the grease collectors and the restaurants alike for spillage and sloppy handling of the oil. Today, there do not appear to be any grease collection containers left. So where is the grease going? The police speculated that there might be underground tanks that might be leaking. There are no underground grease collection containers, sumps, or holding tanks, however. If there are no longer any containers in the alleys between and behind the restaurants then the conclusion does not take Sherlock Holmes to figure out.

The last time this happened (5 years back) the GSR set up video cameras. The grease problem went away. It’s time for the X-Files investigators to get back at it and again put cameras up in both of those alleys. The GSR will forthwith make that so.


Once again, the utility companies rip the town asunder.
There was once a bumper sticker that any self-respecting idiot could glue to his or her bumper. It read: “I can’t sleep because I’m afraid the clowns will eat me.” The clowns in this case work for the utility companies. They come into Lake Geneva and do exactly what the hell they want with the streets when it comes to traffic. They apply for and immediately get, a special permit to harass everyone. It costs them fifty bucks. Why not five thousand? It’s not like they aren’t ripping off the city and its residents big time all the time! They get their permit and then rip up the street like they did Main Street a few months ago. Then they leave, leaving behind a disgusting mess that looks a bit like a series of the workers might look if they all leaned over while they work. An ugly mess. They didn’t bother to fix the street by putting a light layer of tar over the whole thing. Nope. Nothing. Then they came in last week and stopped the traffic on Main Street (west of Cook) for three full days. The traffic crawled, sometimes taking half an hour to get through the single lane allowed. The flag persons performed as if they came out of some Wisconsin school for the blind, and when they were finally questioned, they also could have shown diplomas from some Wisconsin school for the deaf. When is the city going to wake up and take the city back?

Place of the Week

Rusty Gate Lake Geneva

The Rusty Gate Recyclery is wonderful, with one of a kind upcycled vintage furniture, and decor. Stop in at 721 Geneva Street, and claim your reclaimed, farmhouse, shabby chic, timeless decor and more.  The people are terrific too! is wonderful, with one of a kind upcycled vintage furniture, and decor. Stop in at 721 Geneva Street, and claim your reclaimed, farmhouse, shabby chic, timeless decor and more. The people are terrific too!


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