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Some residents of Lake Geneva want “their” day at the beach.
Several locals have contacted different Lake Geneva alderpersons and requested the Riviera Beach be available for just them at least one day a week. The reasoning behind the request is due to the virus and safety. A good percentage of the residents of Lake Geneva feel the city by edict and the city officials cater to the tourists almost exclusively. The virus has created a lot of fear and uncertainty everywhere and the crowds at the beach have many local beach pass holders scared to go, although they really want to. The point was made by Alderman Straube and Flower that Fontana and Williams Bay officials have gone totally local and put the residents first allowing them exclusive full use of those beaches. The complaining residents want to know why Lake Geneva can’t do a smaller version of this?

Mayor Klein stated that Lake Geneva is not like the other beach communities and the visitors must be considered. She did mention a compromise by suggesting that the east side of the beach could possibly be for residents only, and the west side of the beach would then be for visitors five days a week. This way the visitors would have access and the residents would get to enjoy the beach safely. Not one committee member got on board, at least verbally, to that idea.  At least for the time being, the beach will remain as it has been, including attendance and operations.

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