Little Gems

The new park warden, Bradley Wilson, is taking over at BigFoot Park, which also includes the beach.  The man, with a staff of four assistant wardens, has the responsibility of running and policing ten parks in the Walworth County area.  He’s a great guy and also holds Mike Rasmussen in the highest regard.  According to the warden, the Lake Geneva Police Department does a better job of policing the park than any other under his control.  He says the police are there all the time patrolling actively and then responding in minutes to any emergency or trouble.  Once more, the greatest department (and police chief) across the land quietly and professionally performs beyond expectations.

Vote to approve of Dunkin’ Donuts.
Or don’t. Is the new gas station going to be approved, with the Dunkin’ Donuts joint added as the deal breaker? What does this mean for the highway? Yes, like Highway 50 is not tough enough to navigate during the summer months past that stretch of grass? What is it going to be like when all kinds of cars and trucks are turning through that east proceeding lane to get in, and then back out when they are ready to leave? Dunkin’ Donuts or bumper cars. Take your pick. The vote should be no, but it probably won’t be.

90th Anniversary

The small narrow alleys by the theater and across Broad.
Those little narrow alleys are a part of the city’s early construction, back when the buildings were allowed to be much closer than they are today. These alleys are places where pedestrians and automobiles are in constant conflict during summer months. The cars ease out of those alleys and must work through the throngs of citizens and visitors passing by on the sidewalks. Charlene Klein appeared at the city meeting of the whole on Monday night with a brilliant idea. Make the alleys one way, allowing cars and trucks to turn in but not come out. That would be such a quick, neat and cheap fix. Did the city council hear her?

Two City of Lake Geneva Trucks were parked in front of the Riviera in the bus parking/unloading zone, which blocked a tour bus from unloading its passengers at the designated spot.
The bus had to stop behind the city vehicles, thereby partially blocking traffic on Wrigley drive. After about a 10 minute wait the driver of the bus finally let the passengers get off in the Rivera driveway. On watching this it was noticed that neither city truck had a readable license plate on the front or back. Walking around the trucks, it was noticed the rear license on one of the trucks was obscured by the trailer behind it and the license on the other truck was obscured by a bar placed right in front of the plate. On checking Wisconsin state law, municipal trucks are only required to have one license plate, but the vehicle with license 87959 had a metal bar welded in front of it in a manner such that the license plate was bent backward to fit behind the bar. If this is legal, then of what value is a license on a municipal vehicle and, in truth, are they not exempt from the law in this area?

Person of the Week

Karly at Harborside Pub and Grill Lake Geneva

Karly Krkjklus is a wonderful woman who’s worked at Speedo’s Harborside Pub and Grill for the last four years. She’s a big part of what makes Speedo’s so great. When the GSR asked her what her favorite part of working there was she responded with, “the people”, and then the words “location location location.”

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