The Bright Side

“I fall to pieces.”
That’s a lyrical line from a song. What’s happening in the Village of Walworth is a group thing and not related to the letter “I” at all. The fire department is cascading down upon the heads and shoulders of the citizenry there, as the Assistant Chief resigns, followed by one of his senior firefighters. Rumor has it the Fire Chief himself is going to call it quits, as well, and then the remainder of the volunteer force. What’s behind all this dissension? The new city president has taken over and decided that he’s going to change everything. On Tuesday night there was a confidential “super-secret” meeting to consider what to do with the paramedic services. What happened, remains a secret.


Water skiing gone wild.
Aquanaut Water Show offers free family fun every Wednesday and Saturday from Memorial Day through Labor Day. The Aquanauts perform at Lance Park in Twin Lakes just twelve short miles east of Lake Geneva. The show lasts about an hour including a short intermission and a concession stand. The show is quite amazing with trick skiers, daredevil jumpers, and human pyramids. The Aquanauts team includes many champion skiers that really know how to put on a show. They also offer ski clinics open to the public, so check out their website at

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